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Need help with Shred

Prof Evbof

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I have a toon with Savage Melee. The wiki says Shred consumes Frenzy, but the in-game tool tip says Shred builds Frenzy. I haven't taken it yet to determine which is correct.

Does anyone know if Shred consumes or builds Frenzy?

Shred is Savage Melee lvl 2 for Brutes and Scrappers

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A little bump on this. Shred produces stacks of Blood Frenzy but does not consume any, negating the damage buff and a scrapper's ability to mitigate rage. The way it is now all you can do pop the PBAoE and Assassinate as soon as they're up. Even then it's not always enough to prevent becoming exhausted.


Brutal Melee is super fun, though. I don't think Shred being broken is a huge deal, but it's something people should be aware of.

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