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Composition Reimagined (Project Protector)

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                The Following is part of Project Projector a personal pet Project, the idea is to create a working Melee Support AT that could feasibly be implemented in game. This is the first part, an attempt to reimagine and tune Composition powers into something that might feasibly work in game. This is essential for the introduction of a Melee Support AT.

                For the Uninitiated, Composition was the Power Pool from which the unreleased Guardian AT would pick their Secondary(?) Powerset. It is a combination powerset much like Manipulation, however instead of a combination of Melee and CC powers, Composition would be made up of Support and Armor Powers. From what I have come to understand Composition was given to two main problems that ultimately sabotaged the original Guardian AT The following is a list if issues I have heard came up with the Composition Power Sets.

  • They had issues with endurance management.
  • They did not provide enough survivability to the AT.
  • They where difficult to make use of.

There are two changes I am going to assume for the theoretical AT to which these powers will be attached. One, it is a Melee AT, and Two Composition will be it’s Primary Power Pool not it’s secondary. Why?

  • The original Guardian was a jack of all trades not only was it splitting survivability and support, but also a split between Melee & Ranged. Apparently, it even had some CC tucked somewhere in there also. While I do think an assault primary AT is a good Idea, I contend forcing that idea on top of a “Melee Support” AT watered down the design too much, creating more problems to solve than was necessary. These two idea’s need to remain separate and distinct. For the Assault Primary AT suggestion, I’d throw my hat behind, check out the Operative. If your heart is set on this combination check out the Duo, which MIGHT just make this general idea work by attaching a Pet.
  • Making the Composition sets the Primary means ensuring that the AT can have whatever numbers it needs to survive/support their group, (The End Goal is around Sentinel/Stalker level Survivability, and around Corruptor level Support) while also communicating that this is not a damage AT. The plan is for this AT to do about the same amount of Damage as a Corruptor (perhaps even less) except in melee. As I feel anything more than that will begin to make the Corruptor feel obsolete. 

This is where you come in, I need feedback and suggestions, so for all those interested let’s get started.

Martial Composition (Shield/Leadership):

T1: Deflection- Toggle: Self +DEF(Melee), +Res (Smash, Lethal)

T2: Battle Agility- Toggle: Self +DEF(Ranged, AoE), +Res (DEF Debuff)

T3: Battle Tactics: Coordination - Toggle: PBAoE Team +DEF(All).

T4: True Grit- Auto: Self +Res (Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative, Toxic), +Max Health

T5: Battle Tactics: Assault- Toggle: PBAoE, Team +DMG Res (Taunt, Placate)

T6: Rally- PBAoE, Team +Res (Disorient, Hold, Immobilize, Sleep, Fear, Confuse, Repel, Knockback, Def Debuff)

T7: Battle Tactics: Leadership- Toggle: PBAoE Team +ACC Res (Confuse, Fear) +Perception

T8: Shield Charge- PBAoE, Superior DMG(Smash), Foe Knockdown, Self Teleport.

T9: Battlefield Control- PBAoE, Foes -To Hit, -Def, -Res (All).


Battle Tactics: Coordination functions more like Grant Cover combined with Phalanx Fighting.

Alternatively, Merge the T1 and T2, and try to Find Room for a suped up version of Victory Rush.


Psychic Composition (Willpower/Empathy/Pain Domination)

T1: High Pain Tolerance- Auto: Self +Res (All), +Max Health

T2: Healing Aura- PBAoE, Team Heal.

T3: Soothing Aura- Toggle: PBAoE, Team Minor Periodic Heal.

T4: Mind Over Body- Toggle: Self +Res (Smash, Lethal, Psionic)

T5: Rise to the Challenge: Toggle: PBAoE, Foe -To Hit, Self +Regen.

T6: Aura of Clarity- PBAoE, Team +Res (Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Immobilize, Fear, Confusion) +Perception.

T7: Aura of Fortitude- PBAoE, Team +DMG, +To-Hit, +Res (All, Placate).  (Just World of Pain)

T8: Recovery Aura- PBAoE, Team +Recovery.

T9: Battle Cry- PBAoE, Foe -DEF(All), -Res (All). (Just Anguishing Cry)


Alternatively, the T5 could be Resurrect.              


Storm Composition- (Ice Armor/Storm Summoning)

T1: Frozen Armor- Toggle: Self +DEF (Smash/Lethal), +Res (Fire, Cold, DEF Debuff)

T2: Thunderclap- PBAoE, Foe Disorient.

T3: Chilling Embrace- Toggle: PBAoE, Foe -Recharge, -SPD, -DMG. (Maybe add -Fly)

T4: Steamy Mist- Toggle: PBAoE, Team Stealth, +DEF(All), +Res (Fire, Cold, Energy, Confuse).

T5: Freezing Rain- Ranged (Location AoE), Minor DoT (Cold), Foe -Recharge, -SPD, -DEF(All), -Res (All).

T6: Second Wind- PBAoE: Team Heal, +Res (Disorient, Sleep, End Drain), +Perception.

T7: Vortex- Toggle: PBAoE, Foe -Range, -To-Hit, Knockdown, Self +DEF (All but Psionics), +Res (Fire, Cold, Energy, Confuse).

T8: Tornado- Summon Tornado: PBAoE, Minor DMG(Smash), Foe Fear, Disorient, Knockback.

T9: Lightning Storm- Summon Storm: Ranged, High DMG(Energy), Foe -End.


Second Wind uses Healing Aura’s animation and O2 Boosts v. effects.

Vortex: Uses Hurricane’s Animations & V. Effects.

Alternatively, Frozen Armor could be renamed Storm Ward and use the Storm Aura from the character creator.


Other sets I want to do:

Dark Composition: (Dark Armor/Dark Miasma)

Energy Composition: (Energy Aura/Kinetics)

Radiation Composition: (Radiation Armor/Radiation Emission)

Thermal Composition: (Fire Armor/Thermal Radiation)

Chemical Composition: (Regeneration? / Poisons)

Tactical Composition: (Super Agility/Leadership)


Further Notes:

PBAoE Mez Protection Power- There has been some fear of granting a Melee/Support AT Mez Protection, and while I cannot entirely agree with most of these fears. I also feel I’d be remiss to completely dismiss them. As such here is a purposed compromise, all Protectors get a PBAoE Mez Protection Power, however for most sets this will be a clicky with a duration to recharge ratio designed to make it difficult to impossible to perma though hopefully not so punishing as to make it all but unusable.  (3/4th's when fully optimized sounds pretty good to me)

A Possible Inherent for the AT is thus:

(Inherent:  Stalwart- A Protectors is not daunted by overwhelming odds, when others would flee the Protectors stands resolute spurred on by their convictions. As a result, A Protectors receives additional Damage Resistance and Recovery for every foe with whom he his allies are currently engaged.


  • The Damage Resistance by its very nature needs to be quite low.
  • Furthermore, the Recovery buff will need to be finely tuned.)
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