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QOL UI Requests


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1.  Add a filter option for chat, so I can remove keywords like "DFB", "BAF", "Blue/Red", "AE", etc


2.  In LFG chat, depending on the side they currently on change the color of their name.  Blueside be blue, Rogue be purple, etc


3.  Be able to sort salvage, and recipes.  Both in inventory, an storage.  Sort by amount owned, and rarity would be perfect. 


4.  To be able to move salvage by full stacks into storage (Currently done in SG storage, but not AH storage)


5.  Add a "Find" button (Or fix the issue) next to searched things in the AH, so we can just press that multiple times to load the price.  Instead of having to swap back and fourth.


6.  See when I picked my powers on the enhancement screen or somewhere

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