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The Psimon Omega SF "22256"


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Hey, kids! Welcome to another thrilling episode of the Freedom Phalanx Power Hour, featuring Paragon's favorite hero, Incredible Man, and his high-kicking sidekick, Kyksie! Join us for a full hour of intergalactic adventures and crime-busting fun!


...is what you would have heard if you had tuned in six months ago. Now, after she "left to pursue other opportunities", Kyksie is scrambling to find ways to make rent. Cutting the ribbon at Mad Mike's Mattress Mayhem didn't pay enough, so now she's doing odd jobs for various Rogue Isles types, this time Psimon Omega.


Psimon has discovered that some Freaks have psychic powers, and he can't allow this, so he sends Kyksie to investigate. She encounters the "Psychic Freakshow", a custom group with with about half a dozen types plus a few regular Freaks thrown in. The Freaks have some kind of cybernetic implant which gives them the ability to read tarot cards or something. Kyksie decides to betray Psimon and take the tech for herself, so she steals it, then blows up a warehouse, then pummels Psimon, then discovers that the tech is from a woman named "Braintease", so she pummels her too. Both are only boss level, so no major challenge. After selling the tech, Kyksie not only has enough money for this month's rent, but for an actual hot meal at Major Flanders instead of hanging around back as they close.


The Psimon Omega SF is a decent story, although not really remarkable. The only real complaint I could raise is that it hijacks the character's inner monologue; that is, it tells you what your character is thinking. The arc states up front that it's for villains, but still, there are no doubt players whose character possesses a code of honor that forbids them from breaking their word even to villains. Other characters are cyborgs who would keep the tech and implant it into themselves, while others are techno-organic aliens who would adopt the implants and raise them as their own, enrolling them in a boarding school for lost implants until they're old enough to get jobs as alarm clocks or blenders.


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