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Report: Couldn't enter the mission/TF door here!

GM Miss

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On 2/20/2020 at 9:34 PM, Zed said:

Hi there,


Does this count ?


Seer Marino's arc, "Steal research from Legacy chain" (through ouro), same door as previous mission (inside the arachnos-controlled building) - marker tells you it's 10 feet away, click the door, back on Mercy's streets. Good. Now what. Oh heh, the marker is now behind you, telling you to get back inside from where you were. By some sorcery that even the Mu can't understand it tells you again you have to go out of the building, and that could have lasted for a good while.

Used the Mission Transporter and it brought me to a totally different door, next to Dr. Creed. And it seems the marker has realigned and shows the correct door this time.

Had same issue with same results using mission transporter. 

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Using the Mission Teleporter power to this door location: [108.3 51.9 1468.4] in Cimerora will teleport players into the ground, preventing the use of /stuck and they will be unable to enter the mission. Had a few people get stuck during the second mission in ITF when someone used a Mission Teleporter to that location.




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