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Interface Procs are Bugged...my Test Results might show why

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On 2/19/2020 at 4:02 AM, Redlynne said:

Another factor that I would cite for this is ... how EASY it was to team up in City of Heroes (even before Super Sidekicking).  Just being able to invite ANYONE ... regardless of what level their character was ... into a team and be able to play together on a somewhat leveled playing field is something that far too many other games have just simply failed to replicate.  The ease of being able to form a pick up group, and the joy of playing in one, is something that all too often seems to be either an afterthought or not even thought of at all for other games.  Stuff like just being able to join a group to run a dungeon can sometimes turn into a horrendous chore where you can only run it with characters that haven't done it already (or whatever).

You just reminded me of selling CoH to friends back when I first played it:


'You can team from level 1 on! You're -encouraged- to! You get -more- XP and kill faster!! You don't need to slog through the levels as a healer and sloooowly whittling mobs as you solo. You can play a tank and tank from the get go, not just at max level!'


It takes playing the myriad MMOs out there, not just WoW, to know how we are told to solo from level 1 onwards to max level (with breaks for dungeons here and there) and then suddenlygooutthereandgroupupwithothers and good luck for the new player to break their solo habits (hunters thinking they could solo dungeon NPCs with their pets set to take agro).

@sovera in Everlasting - I love teaming up so hit me up.


Simple guide for newcomers, money making included amongst other things

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