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Overly generous targeting drone

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Been playing a lowbie psy/dev blaster and noticed that targeting drone behaves a little strangely at times. If I toggle it on then zone it seems to grant the full 80% damage boost CONSTANTLY.


This was taken mid-fight. You can see that I'm getting the full out-of-combat boost on top of defiance:




Toggling the drone off and on seems to fix the issue but it returns on zoning. Interestingly, when the drone is bugged the combat attributes monitor seems to cycle displaying its damage bonus on one line as 80%, then two lines as 60%+20%, then back to one line 80% etc. etc. When it's working properly it consistently displays the two line 60%+20% boosts, with the 60% being removed during combat as expected.


Anyone else encounter this? It feels a bit cheesy to run around with perma build-up, but will enjoy it while it lasts!

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Hmm, this might explain why, the last time I played my AR/Dev blaster, she actually felt dangerous.

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