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I need some oil, grease, or somthing!


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I'm tired of listening to my robots as they walk around - not only are they loud, but their noise frequently masks the sound of a "glowie".


I seem to recall that if you created a zero byte file, named it something specific, and put it in a specific directory that it would override the default sound for whatever (I used this on a Fire/Devices blaster - on the targeting drone - pre-ED). I would like to do this with whatever sound file is being used for the noise the robots make as they walk/run/whatever.

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MM Bots stomping around was the very first sfx I ever silenced in the game, both in Legacy and here. The second was Demon Lt rawrs.


Sown and dirty, you need to create a /data folder in your CoH install folder (if it's not already there).  Within the /data folder, create a /sound folder and within the /sound folder create an /ogg sub-folder, and within the /ogg folder create a /feet folder.

You should now have a directory like this: /YourCoH/data/sound/ogg/feet


The two files you need to place in there are:




These sounds can be anything you want or just silence. You don't need a zero byte files, just a 1 sec file. I replaced mine with rubber duckie squeaks that are about half the volume of the stomps. You can create your own silence file or grab it from my thread.



Dislike certain sounds? Silence/Modify specific sounds. Looking for modified whole powerset sfx?

Check out Michiyo's modder or Solerverse's thread.  Got a punny character? You should share it.

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