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Monkey Fight Club (It's Not a Secret Anymore)

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This was our biggest turn out yet!  Around 30 people!  It was kind of chaotic, but in a good way.

Someone also made over 75,000,000 Inf in a single round!  All they did was keep the faith in Nigel, and it just so lined up with an award multiplier when Nigel came through for them!  Had a whole Nigel Fan Club going at one point, where -everyone- was betting on Nigel.


I would like to thank everyone who attended, especially considering the truly massive event which @Shadeknight did this same evening.  I hope that everyone who was able to attend either or both of these events had enjoyable experiences all around!


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I have a lot of fun with this event, I look forward to them every time they're upcoming and count the days until its time. The idea is so fun and corrupt and its perfect for villains. I'm still a little salty I didn't think of it first, my first session as the Ring Girl was also very fun, I hope Mortar entertained people with her crazy Freakshow antics! 💚💜

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Nigel was a beast...Totally think someone slipped him sore oranges and purples before the match.


Also, Captain Eep..what can you say. That monkey is a bum.


Mortar was great! Putting up with that creepy jester had to have been the hardest part.


And I had a blast. Love to do it again!

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As usual, this was a lot of fun!  To bad work intervened for a fair chunk of it.

And Nigel's Friend is still useless. I stand by the fact that that monkey is so bad they couldn't be bothered to name it. Poor thing.

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Midnight Thorn, Overlord of Ivory Tower.  (Everlasting)

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Our next scheduled Sharkhead Isle Rikti Monkey Fight Club Event will be a special Homecoming Pride Fund-Raiser!


On Monday, June 14th, 2021, with doors open at 6pm Eastern.  Big prizes will begin at 8pm Eastern!
In-character context:
"Paragon City had a parade for Pride last year.  WELL!  Commandant Nongratis will NOT allow that to stand unchallenged!  She's going to make sure that the Rogue Isles ALSO gets a big ol' parade to celebrate queerness!  One small snag, though.  The Arbiters need some 'persuading' in the form of 'monetary incentive' to ensure that no shitheels interfere with the parade.  Commandant Nongratis will match any donation made toward the parade fund-raiser to secure Arachnos' support of the festivities."
Real context:
The Pride in Our City celebration could use your support with Inf to provide as rewards for the contests and door prizes.  Any surplus Inf earnt at this Fight Club will be put toward that celebration.  You may also donate at any time anonymously or with your name added to the public ledger.
As ever, the Fight Club will be awarding door prizes and Inf for the monkey fights as normal.
We hope to see you there!

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Indeed!  That match where Nigel and Nigel's Friend were the surviving monkeys, and Battoc had bet specifically on those two, AND most of everyone -else- in attendance had bet on Green Team . . . 

I paid out over 300,000,000 Inf in that round.   It was quite the "oof" moment, but I was so appreciative that so many of the attendees opted to donate their winnings back again (updated the ledger in the Pride thread to reflect this).


That finale was also amazing!  A draw match!   It looked like Red was FINALLY going to win one after Green dominated for the latter half of the evening, but silly Thing Kong stood in the Monkey Gas from Darwin's Bane after taking down Nigel.   It was epic!


A big, BIG thanks again to everyone who attended!  I hope each and every one of you had an enjoyable evening, and I look forward to seeing you at future events!

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