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Monthly Costume Contest by Chaos United

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Hello everyone, Captain Cream here. Chaos United runs monthly costume contests for the people of Everlasting, and for the month of March we are upping the stakes! The prizepool has been bumped to a whopping 3b. Come out and show us your best Saint Patty's Day themed costumes!


DATE: 3/20/20


LOCATION: Kallisti Wharf

THEME: Saint Patrick's Day

PRIZEPOOL: 3,000,000,000(three billion)

RULES: Generally the same throughout most CCs.

- Auras must be able to be bought from the tailor(No armor toggles, DoT auras, etc)

- No buffing other contestants. It's annoying to deal with, knocks people out of emotes. Just don't use them.

- Emotes are allowed

- Stay in line from the beginning to end to be judged properly


We hope to see you there, Everlasting. Much love!

                                                                        - Captain Cream



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