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I'm shocked I did not post here yet.  I was Glad-somethingoranother on Justice.  After the first year of the game I joined the Tempest Legion and stayed with them until the end.












Amongst others!  Been playing on Excelsior since April 2019, I have 6 50 (+3)s and am working on others...  Add @Gladness to your friends list if you remember me.


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Wow, is this like I entered a time machine or what?... heard a rumor that there was some kind of CoH going on, and here it is! (I think?)


I don't think I can remember all of my toons, but...



Phantastik (Ill/Kin)

Sessenji (Claw/Reflex)

Saint Elektra (Emp/Elec)

Angel 7 (Kheldian)

Siranya (Rad/Psi)

many others (I had a great PL crew!) but those 5 are my "mains".



Sirikit (Cold/Cold) - probably my most feared zone PvP toon?

System Shokk (blade/reflex)

Icyss (Dark/Cold) - was just coming into her own in PvP and was *nasty*... never really got a workout though!


I was the founder of Blazing Justice Squad (always kind of bounced around in the top ten SGs), which I bequeathed to others when I left the game (like 2010ish). I hope it fared well!


I published two guides, "Phantastik's Guide Comprehensive Guide to the Illusion/Kinetic Controller" and "Phantastik's PvP Empath Guide" when I wasn't playing *way* too much.


Nice to see many names I recognize!


Oh, and it's not "Misfit Villains"... it's "Misfit Villians". I-before-A. Part of that VG's charm! Let's not forget! 😛




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On 5/22/2020 at 1:17 PM, GladDog said:






BTW - True story (pssst - I'm Tiny Eskimo)

12-31-2011 19:13:44 [League] PSLAnimal: After we ogle Mother Mayhem's awesome rockin' tits, we go out in the courtyard and kill War Walkers.
12-31-2011 19:13:55 2XS has joined the league
12-31-2011 19:14:03 [League] Tiny Eskimo: can I stay and ogle?
12-31-2011 19:14:04 [League] 2XS: hi and ty
12-31-2011 19:14:14 [League] PSLAnimal: Once we've killed a certain number, then Seige spawns.
12-31-2011 19:14:26 [League] PSLAnimal: We'll pull him to a central location and kick his ass.
12-31-2011 19:14:43 [League] Kutebare: actually, it's the tin plated hussy first
12-31-2011 19:14:46 Old Man Ram has joined the league
12-31-2011 19:14:48 [League] 2XS: Ass kicking...check
12-31-2011 19:14:52 Old Man Ram has joined the team
12-31-2011 19:14:55 [League] Old Man Ram: thanks for add
12-31-2011 19:14:56 [League] Buzblocker: lol
12-31-2011 19:15:06 [League] Old Man Ram: whats on the agenda?
12-31-2011 19:15:13 [League] Masked Arrow: BAF
12-31-2011 19:15:13 [League] Desi nova: Rangle Plots
12-31-2011 19:15:20 [League] PSLAnimal: Then a bunch of convicts will try to escape.  We'll break into two groups to stop them.
12-31-2011 19:15:26 [League] Kutebare: BAF and sexual harassment. . . in some order
12-31-2011 19:15:26 [League] Blu J: PSL plot
12-31-2011 19:15:28 [League] PSLAnimal: That lasts fiv eminutes.
12-31-2011 19:16:00 [League] Buzblocker: is eminutes a new unit of time? like how days pass fast in the city?
12-31-2011 19:16:05 [League] 2XS: Ooh nice looks.  I always think impromptu CCs should be helf while trials are forming.
12-31-2011 19:16:08 [League] Desi nova: then we Beat up on Siege
12-31-2011 19:16:16 [League] PSLAnimal: Next, the other AV spawns.  We drag them to the same scentral location, kick ass again.
12-31-2011 19:16:30 [League] PSLAnimal: Then Siege and Nightstar BOTH revive.  Oh noes!
12-31-2011 19:16:45 [League] PSLAnimal: We have to kill them both within, what, ten seconds?  Or they respawn.
12-31-2011 19:16:47 [League] Desi nova: and we have to take them down within 10 Sec of each other
12-31-2011 19:16:55 [League] Buzblocker: 10 seconds
12-31-2011 19:16:58 [League] PSLAnimal: So watch their health levels and adjust as needed.
12-31-2011 19:17:03 [League] 2XS: Which is pretty easy
12-31-2011 19:17:18 [League] PSLAnimal: We'll handle prisoners at choke points. 
12-31-2011 19:17:24 [League] PSLAnimal: Everyone ready?
12-31-2011 19:17:27 [League] Mrs Animal: Ready! 
12-31-2011 19:17:27 [League] 2XS: Ready! 
12-31-2011 19:17:28 [League] Rockasaurus Flame: Ready! 
12-31-2011 19:17:32 [League] Masked Arrow: Ready! 
12-31-2011 19:17:34 [League] Blu J: rdy
12-31-2011 19:17:34 [League] Desi nova: Ready! 
12-31-2011 19:17:37 [League] SteelEnforcer: Ready! 
12-31-2011 19:17:38 [League] Twenty-One: Ready! 
12-31-2011 19:17:39 [League] Passionate Embrace: Ready! 
12-31-2011 19:17:40 [League] Tiny Eskimo: do I get to stay and ogle?
12-31-2011 19:17:42 [League] Lumin: Ready! 
12-31-2011 19:17:51 Sgt Liberty has joined the league
12-31-2011 19:17:51 [League] PSLAnimal: TE - no.
12-31-2011 19:18:00 [League] Desi nova: only if you put some pants on
12-31-2011 19:18:03 [League] PSLAnimal: OK, ready, steady, GO!
12-31-2011 19:18:09 [League] Twenty-One: Ready! 
12-31-2011 19:18:10 [League] Tiny Eskimo: how can I ogle correctly with pants on?
12-31-2011 19:18:27 [League] PSLAnimal: CLICK!

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Damn, Goob is back too. 


I've been on for a long time now. Never checked in. 


@docbuzzard on justice. Member of Justice Brigade (small) and Tempest Legion (Chaos Legion)

Lots of alts. 

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