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Circle of Thorns tailor options

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I don't think we have any of the low-resolution "old CoT" parts in the costume creator at all... and looking at the hats the revised Circle guys are wearing, they *probably* wouldn't work with player models. (The hats have extended bits that go all the way down the NPC model's chest. If I'm remembering correctly, player-character parts are restricted to one part of the model only, so to have the hats someone would have to be able to "rebuild" those hats without the chest part.)


I'd love to have them, too, along with the glowing belts... and to have the larger gloves, caped shoulder piece, Death Mage back-piece and fancier long kilt that that guys currently get ported to female models... But all of that depends on someone having the time and skill to do some modification of the parts.

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