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Black Market - Oops


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Does "Get All Inf" in the black market ignore the infamy cap?


I know that individual 'Get Inf' at least provides an alert:



I collected all the sold items and it ended up with an even 2B. Guess there was not as much room as I thought.







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You can mitigate this a number of ways: easiest method is to email yourself existing funds so your away from the cap before claiming your items. 

  • Email messages are stored on your account, not your character.
  • Email Inf per message is 999,999,999.
  • You can send up to 20 messages to yourself.  If that isn't enough, you can make a new toon as a mule to claim some emails and hold the INF for you.

Warning messages about the INF cap are intended as a wake-up call, not a safety net.  As an additional caution, once an item sells from the Auction House, we advise retrieving it as soon as practical (don't drop what you're doing TF/Raid wise and run to claim it, but also don't use the Auction House as long-term INF storage over days or weeks.)

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