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Can we get NPC movement animations added to Walk please

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Have you ever stopped to watch the NPCs move about the city? 


Some just meander along, others are in a hurry. You have students going to school carrying their book and workers carrying lumber.


Meanwhile heroes and their counterparts get to swagger or stomp. All well and good on some characters but my 12 yo female character shouldn't sashay and my 4' nothing contagion shouldn't look like it's always trying to catch up to someone.


Movement speed anomalies aside, it'd be nice if my character could also walk to school with books or pretend they are doing manual labour in order to get out of going to the mall with the Mrs/Mr, or carrying groceries to the kitchen, or carrying a briefcase, or talking on the phone, etc. Any number of which I'd love to be able to use on my characters.



P.S.: Can we also get a separate Run emote please. There are times when some of my characters would just throw their hand up in the air and run around screaming.

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Dislike certain sounds? Silence/Modify specific sounds. Looking for modified whole powerset sfx?

Check out Michiyo's modder or Solerverse's thread.  Got a punny character? You should share it.

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15 minutes ago, Oubliette_Red said:

it'd be nice if my character could also walk to school with books or pretend they are doing manual labour

Back pack option?

Emote standin and reading book/paper or watching some floating?

Emote jackhammer?

Pretty sure there is a remote for radio or something to call.

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Always in favor of more emotes, especially when they are already functional for npcs. I don't care if for the split second needed to enter into it there is no transition. I have already to jump on top of a stool to sit on it, that's not pretty either.


In the case of walk emotes, I remember, however it was mentioned in past threads on this topic that there were difficulties linked to the different types of body some npc have in comparison to player characters. And yet, I would still love if anything could be done to let us access to all of this npc decorational stuff as much as possible. I would so much love my characters could walk with the board, book or trolley, like some citizens or even enemies do.

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