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Invulnerability Tankers - Soft Cap Defense

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I think what all this boils down to is preference honestly.


I dont think there is a way to separate the best tank sets and rank them accurately.  For me the top is Shield, but I see the case for the rest also, and I think it boils down to play style and preference.


From my experence theres not a whole lot that seperates Invul, Elec, and Rad.  Fire isnt quite on their level IMO but isnt far behind.  I could also see how a SR tank could be at the top .  Shield is My favorite at this point - it seems the most durable from my perspective.  I havent ever played any of the rest, except stone and we all know the limitations there.


It never hurts to look at different perspectives.  But I think we can all agree everything we have seen here are bad*** tanks and what a tank should be.


The rest boils down to preference and play style.


Has anyone collaborated with a tank build repository on here?  Maybe we should because this is all good stuff.


Where would the best place for it be, guides or the tanker forum itself?

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