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Crash when entering/leaving mission instances

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I use the Reunion server. Most of the time I try to enter or leave a mission instance, the loading bar freezes and it returns me to the login screen. After i type my password to reenter i get a pop-up that says "your account is already logged". If I type again it lets me enter without showing the EULA. I tried numerous time and the loading screen always take at least 2 minutes even when it doesn't crash. I tried to lower the graphics but it didn't change anything. Also I noticed it happens more often in the Imperial City and King's Row zones.


I would like to know if I can do anything about this, thank you.

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  • A lot of the crash to desktop issues have been fixed in the modern client, if you're on Safe Mode, please use the new ones only (32 or 64 bit only.)
  • If you have an AntiVirus or endpoint protection app on your system, it might be closing City of Heroes since it's an unsigned app.  You'll need to set the entire tequila directory and subdirectories as exempt from scanning.  
  • Check your system logs.  Are there graphics card issues recorded around the same time as the crash?  Your drivers might be involved.
  • If your internet connection has timeouts, the delays may make loading zones difficult.  See if changing connection types (phone hotspot or Ethernet or wifi) clears it up as a check to see if Network issues are involved.

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