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Trying to run Tequila and getting Window that pops up and says




Access is denied


Only option is to click Ok.


Not sure where to go on this one. I have restarted 3 separate times as well as running as admin. Debating on uninstall then resinstall


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Silk, thanks for posting an answer. I love how helpful people are here.

I have Trend Micro, and when there is a new patch Tequila is denied. The solution for me is to rerun Tequila and when the Trend warning comes up again, hit 'open file'. It is then added to the whitelist and I can play.

y0Y5yFQ.png Forever grateful to be back in my city!
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Are you guys marking just the EXE's as safe or are you making the whole folder white listed? I'd do the latter as you "shouldn't" have to do it more than once.


Just checked mine, I haven't made Any whitelisting for Webroot, but Defender has my whole C:\games folder whitelisted. I can't remember Ever getting a message about the game with this config.

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