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The Roleplaying Pvp Coh Forum Game (Might need its own section if idea catches on.)


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Hello everyone. I had a great idea for the forums, maybe it would be better in it's own section, though.


Okay so here we go: What if you could use your writing english skills to commence 1v1 typed battles between each-other in forum topics. There could be a limited number of actions you could type in your post, as a challenge for the other persons writing skills involving the game.


Example: "Username" summons three thugs, leaps forward followed by aiming a poison ability, teleports back, sending thugs to charge in while attempting to kite "Challenger's username" and hopes for the best.


Example of what not to do:


"Username" summons thugs that hit for 1000000 damage and knockbacks the challenger, he is totally defeated!

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