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Character Tracker - An Out of Game Tool for Builds, Bios, and Miscellaneous Notes

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Do you suffer from chronic altitis?  Do you have so many characters you can't keep them straight any more?  You need help, my friend - help tracking all those characters!


The Character Tracker is a Windows program I put together as my diaspora of characters spread across different games.  It's handy for keeping track of builds or associated web pages (like a Virtueverse page, or perhaps a Field Trainer link when it's done), taking down notes, or writing character bios while outside the game.

  • Track all of your characters, with a biography preview window, a field for notes, and the ability to launch a URL or external file associated with each one!
  • Add multiple games to the program and launch them directly.  You also have control over how the biography preview looks for each game.


Get it here:



Some screenshots of what it does:

Character management:


Game management:


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Everlasting: Charredcore-Head.gif.295932ce0b7f285ede7cd6f7baa92107.gif Charredcore (Sonic/Fire Blaster) Fleabitten-Head.gif.b2329ba8bd4533efc403330511a55b3e.gifFleabitten (Savage/SR Brute)  And many, many more!

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