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Reduced amount of influence in AE exemplared missions.

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Hey guys and gals did they reduce the amount of influence in ae missions? I am running a +4 / x8 exemplared fire farm with hubby and a sg mate who is sitting at the door. SG mate was saying how the influence is not the same. At the end, even though we had 3 players, it only gave 18 mil each. Where as it use to give more like 24 mil each for the same farm. We are all level 50+ and no xp boosters on. I checked previous patch notes and saw nothing, but not sure if that kind of note would be with patch notes.

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Rate of influence in an AE map depends on a lot of variables such as:

1). Mobs in the map, do they have enough powers to full rewards?

2). Are helpful NPCs used l, that can reduce the amount received.

3). Number of people on the map also reduces the amount that an individual character receives.

4). Is the map set to auto exemplar the team, so they can make use of the "double influence when exemplared" option (which isn't really double but it's definitely more).

5). Was a different map used previously, as rates on different maps can fluctuate based on the about.

6). Was the map used updated recently that could of effected the influence rate?


As of last night AE influence and XP had not been touched. You can try a different map if you'd like, ones I like to use are: 18370 if I want to get off the meteor, or 2915 for the meteor. The first has a ton of elite bosses on a fairly underused outdoor map. The second is the tried and true Briggs.

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