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Hi All!


Submitting a brand new arc inspired by Japanese folklore! I needed a little break from Cimerora so I went to Japan...


Arc # 37160

Created by @Nebulhym

Sōdaina Dōbutsu

5 Missions with custom groups.

level range: 50 to 54


"Akina Nakamura from Founders' Falls University needs your help! She noticed new activity from a group of long-forgotten spirits! As the specialist of Japanese demons, she needs someone on the field. That person could be you!"


Warning: mission 1 and 5 contain AVs so you might want to adjust your difficulty settings.


This arc is not a farm, it's meant to be run for its story, not to get the most xp/second.


Hope you like it!

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So I created my first AE storyarc! 🙂 I hope someone will play it and enjoy it.

Reclamation: Baltimore
Arc ID: 37438
Created by @nwisth


This story is set after more or less every storyline in the game, but in a reality where a Praetorian Mastermind named Pete Cipriano was the one to complete Number Six's story arc and enlisted the aid of his super group to bring civilization back to post-apocalyptic Praetoria. Crowned as the New Emperor by the people of Last Bastion, he's had some success bringing housing, food and power to the pockets of survivors along the US eastern seaboard, but there are many who want to set themselves up as kings.

In Reclamation: Baltimore, you join the story as a freelance super working for the New Imperial Forces, taking on a mission from Marshal Robin Tyburn to aid the negotiators sent to try and make the Crips of Baltimore bend their knee to the New Empire in return for aid and fresh supplies from Primal Earth.


In addition to the mindless remnants of the Devouring Earth, you'll be fighting the Praetorian Crips - who do not want to sign up under a new Emperor anytime soon - as well as the Church of the Latter-Day Emperor, who believe Cole has ascended, and tries to make the survivors of Baltimore accept God-Emperor Cole as their personal savior.


At the end of the story arc, you'll get a souvenir with the access code to Emperor Pete's New Imperial HQ in Last Bastion, complete with shops and a transit hall. 🙂



PS: I hope I haven't stepped on any toes by making Praetorian versions of Crips and Bloods. This is simply meant as a tie-in to the real world, and wanting to use gang members (to tie in to the Thug Mastermind emperor) as power factions in post-apocalyptic Praetoria without resorting to Destroyers, Syndicate, Trolls, Skulls or Hellions. Hopefully they don't count as "controversial real-world individuals or organisations".


Hope you like it! And remember to read the clues! 😄

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  • Lead Game Master

Hello my fellow architects!

I just wanted to follow up from the post here.

Our Dev's Choice selections will be temporarily suspended to give our team a chance to recharge. I highly encourage you to check out the post and (if interested) apply to be one of our AE Community Helpers to assist us in testing and selecting these arcs! 

All previously posted arcs have been added to our list to review and test. Keep working on those stories, everyone! We look forward to testing them again soon!

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Please contact me on the Homecoming Discord for a faster response! GM Arcanum#7164

Got time to spare? Want to see Homecoming thrive? Consider volunteering as a Game Master!

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