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Dual Pistol or Pistol Blade Stalker


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Just putting it out there..  


Never really played a Stalker but wonder if DP would play a viable set for it with some changes since it doesn't have a sniper attack.

Maybe mix in a blade attack from the opposite hand. 

So Look for gun animations for the right hand and look for blade attacks for the left hand and set it up as Dual Blades concept.

Or mix it up.

You have the option of all guns or gun and blade like like VEATS do where they can mix and match at lvl 20 or 24.
Or again just make it two different primaries.


Executioner shot would be the assassin attack.  Call it out of the Shadows.  Because basically that's how it happens right.. The Assassin steps out of the shadows to shoot someone point blank.


Cut down the range attack distance under the pretext they want to be up close and personal.  

Or the closer they are the more DPS they do ?

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On 3/31/2020 at 5:40 PM, Naraka said:

Might be able to make a Spark Blade inspired set using a Katana and pistol.  Throw in some teleportation for flash and concept.

Spark blade ? Google failed me

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Not sure about Stalker.  Pistols of any kind is firmly into the "Ranged Attack" group of AT's. 

Yes, there's a handful of melee range attacks... Spines has Impale, Claws has Focus, Staff has Serpent's Reach.

But those aren't for a set-defining iconic attack like an Assassin's Strike. 


I think you'd be better off with a Dual Pistols / Ninja Training Blaster.  Which you can do right now.

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