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Take Your Child to Work Contest! ONE DAY ONLY!!

GM Miss

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Oh. No. My child may fall into this active Volcano. Stop. Wait. Don't do that.


Too late. How will I cope with the guilt and loss?


He Rezzed????!!?? Oh Hell N....  I mean Hurray!

Yes, that's it. Oh Hell Hurray!


Is it tomorrow yet?



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With all the social distancing and home schooling going on Mombie found their daily sporting outing to Perez Park was more important than ever to stop the children going totally stir crazy at home. Here's their story


Mombie and Baby's Lovely Day out


Mombie and the children went to the park. The children were very excited to be out of the house. Daddy was excited too. Baby ran all the way to the park by himself. 


First they did sports in the bandstand. Baby was too small to play with the balls like the bigger children. Daddy did his exercises.



Then they went to the pond to do some fishing. "Baby. Be careful not to fall in" Mombie said. Baby got his feet wet. 



Then they had a lovely picnic. Daddy had a cup of tea. Baby didn't like his sandwich. 



And finally Mombie told them a lovely story about unicorns before they had to go home for Babys naptime.


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"Daily Sporing outing" sounds like something Devouring Earth would do...
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Just as a reminder, only single screenshots count. They can have added text, but only a single image please. Ty! 

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