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Art for COVID fundraising!


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I gave my SG first link, and its been a day, so to my forum art junkies next.  Rhardo on deviantArt has been a great artist for years, I have an amazing piece from him from Live and continue to follow him.  He and his brother drock03 are doing a handful of commissions for around $20 to be donated to UNICEF to fight COVID-19.  Rhardo's slots are full(he might open more later) but drock03 has space.  They are essentially doing this for free just to fundraise, so be kind and don't get too crazy with the characters!




If anyone else knows any artists who are doing something similar, please link!

As always if you have the funds, SUPPORT YOUR ARTISTS during all this, especially performers and musicians who can't earn anything 'working from home' 

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