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A mostly soloing Controller in PvP... Build?

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Hey folks... I just came across the fact that CoH is alive again and was thinking of playing again.  I had the fortunate and unfortunate experience of playing a Grav/FF controller back at launch.. then on and off. I found out that in PvP I was pretty much unkillable... but I generally couldn't kill much either (well... anything near optimized).


If I was looking at the most self-sufficient 1v1 pvp controller right now... would it still be dark or Psi primary, and Kin/Rad secondary? Or are those builds a bit dated now? If you would quickly tier list some combos for me for solo controller pvp, what would they be? 



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Defense is not very good on ranged characters due to the DR curve that's applied defense. Tough is useful only if you don't have a resistance shield from your epic/patron pool; the additional PVP resistance you get from running tough on top of other resistances is really minimal.

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