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Incarnate slotting path


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So..this is probably more just my issue..but maybe others have it. 

I just recently goofed - to the tune of 140 threads, an uncommon salvage and 8 emp merits. 

In my hybrid slot, I had a t-3. I had one uncommon, 140 threads and a few more, plenty of emp merits. So, I proceeded to burn the threads and 8 emps for a rare to complete my 2nd t-3 on hybrid. Still would have 40 threads and enough emps to make the t-4. 

But - no sooner did I craft my second t-3...I see that I already had a second t-3 crafted. No idea when I did it, but there it was. Now I have 3 t-3s. A waste! 

Is there a way to make these that are crafted stand out a little more than they do? The one that's slotted, I can see very clearly. The one that wasn't...I didn't even notice it until I crafted the third one. If it's just me, I'll go get my eyes checked. But if I'm not the only one, I sure would like these to stand out a bit more. 

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