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05-15-2005, 05:36 AM

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DefaultRe: Oh for the love of...DO SOMETHING POSITRON! 😛

So I was on with my SG on Champion a while ago, and we were doing the Positron TF. At one point, we were ambush right in front of Positron and Valkyrie. So here's all these guys shooting at us, trying to kill us, and Mr. Bigshot "I got my armor upgraded" and Ms. "I have this fancy spear that none of you can get!" are just kinda standing there watching.


Seriously, though, it would be cool if the trainers got some sort of automated power similar to the police drones. There's just something wrong about the eight most famous heroes in all of Paragon city standing there watching you get pounded on.
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I'm thinking that he never got a combat version and the trainer is all there is, hence why he has no powers. Are there any other trainers that don't also show up in some sort of mission arc/TF/SF?


I did some diving and the info on the wiki is the same that appears in the game files, excluding the powersets, just the info card details.

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15 hours ago, JayboH said:

History shows two contributors in the wiki

I'm pretty sure Castle was a Fire/Fire Blaster, since part of the reason he was hired was his ideas for a Fire Manipulation revamp.

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