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Back in the City of Heroes

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I was hearbroken almost 7 years ago when CoH terminated.  I was a die hard player and I missed the game a lot.  I tried DDO and other games and I was unsatisfied.  I just happen to type in CoH and I found this site that said CoH was still going on.  I could not believe it!!!  Now I found my way back and I cannot wait to start all over again!!!  So excited!!!

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Aye; Welcome Home!


If you haven't chosen already, here's the "skinny" on the various Shards you have available to you:

Torchbearer - the original Homecoming Shard.  Medium population now.

Excelsior - the most populous Shard.

Everlasting - the officially unofficial Roleplay Shard, and usually has the largest population of Redsiders (at around 23% to 27% fluctuating).

Indomitable - the officially unofficial (but mostly official) PvP Shard.  PvP is still limited to Arena matches and PvP Zones, though.

Reunion - the European server Shard, located in Germany, but hosting players of many different languages and cultures.

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Let me add my own "Welcome Home Hero!" to the mix.  I believe you'll find a few things as you dive back in.  A lot of QoL improvements, a new AT, some new powersets, and some new content.  But, most of all, prepare for the overwhelming sense of nostalgia that you will encounter as you relearn what you knew so well, so many years ago.  I dare you to hear the Atlas Statue theme music, without getting a little misty.😎

What was no more, is REBORN!

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Ohai new friend you bring the donuts?

My Dear you deserve the services of a great wizard but youll have to settle for the aid of a second rate pick pocket



So you mean you'll put down your rock, and I'll put down my sword; and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people?

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