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Misleading messages from trainer on level-up

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When I hit level 10, the trainer will tell me I have "attained the Security level where you can found a Super Group". This restriction is gone.


When I hit level 12, they will suggesting playing in Super Group mode. This serves no purpose, short of oddball costume stunts that would be more use if we didn't have umpteen slots, and of course will be actively damaging at higher levels.


At level 25, they will tell me that Super Group mode is costing me influence - a warning that could be kept, but revised to avoid the mention of Prestige, just telling us that on Homecoming, SG mode is basically redundant.


At levels divisible by 10, the trainer could tell me I have earned a respec which I can use with the "/respec" command.


(Also, if I do /respec with no respecs, the message that appears tells me about Jack Wolfe or the redside equivalent, because on live one had to visit them to use trial respecs. This message is misleading on Homecoming and a regular source of "Where is Jack Wolfe?" in the Help channel.


The message that pops up saying "You can now respec your character! Visit Arbiter Sawyer in Port Oakes or Arbiter Lupin in Nerva Archipelago to respec your character." should also be changed.)


At level 50, they tell me that I need to gain more experience for "Security Level 51". This should presumably read "Veteran Level 1".


At level 50, they could tell me that the Incarnate system is unlocked.


(I checked this carefully blueside, but the same issues seem to exist redside.)

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On the other hand, RL is full of old data and lost practices. Maybe this makes the game more realistic? 🙂

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6 hours ago, Shenanigunner said:

On the other hand, RL is full of old data and lost practices. Maybe this makes the game more realistic? 🙂

You mean like the sign for the gaming stores and actually good restaurants that are no longer there. 😞


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I know that i27 has eaten at least some of these messages.

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