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The game is lacking one major character type and that's Power Armor characters.  I know that they can be designed by using the existing ATs and costumes but there is really not one power set under most ATs that really does them justice.  Now with that in mind the Peacebringers and Warshades base form has a nice enough power array to be able to give it a go but they are geared to something else, and something that is very cool.  While the various Arachnos  Soldier build come even close but then really stray into two very different and very specialized paths.  The Sentinel is nearly perfect and I admit I have fallen head over heels in love with it.  However, even with that I feel that there is a major gap when it comes to Power Armor type characters.  I might be alone in this and I will probably catch some hate but oh well, I have spent a little time throwing together an example of what a Power Armor AT wold look like power sets wise.  


Please be honest but constructive with your responses.


HP: Blaster
Defense levels as per Sentinels
Offense levels as per Sentinels 
Range about 75-80

Don't have access to movement power pools.

They gain the +10% bonus to all resistance as with scrappers and tanks.  They cap out at 75%. resistance and defense.


Primary Set: Power Armor
Power Armor.  Automatically get this power in a similar fashion as peacebringers and warshades to with their movement powers.  Power Armor: this defensive power is automatic and always on.  This power boost your resistance to all damage types.  This is also the previously mentioned +10%.


Level 1: Power Armor boosted stats.  This power gives a small bonus to your movement, recovery, damage and resistance.  Self +Movement All, +Recovery, +Damage, +Resistance(All but Psychic)
Level 1: Polarized Armor.  This power boost your resistance a fair amount.  Your resistance to all energy damage types, endurance drain and debuffs is boosted.   Toggle: +Resistance(Energy, Negative Energy)
Level 2: Impervium Armor.  This grant's a boost to resistance vs all damage except psychic and toxic.  Self: +Resistance(All but Psychic and Toxic)
Level 6: Improved Sensors.  This power boost your ability to hit and your recharge time on all your powers.  Toggle: Self +To Hit, +Recharge( All)
Level 6: Propulsion Upgrade.  This power opens up three other powers and allows the player to choose from flight, super speed or super leaping.  All base powers will be about 75% as effective as are the normal powers.  Each power can be enhanced separately with the appropriate enhancements similar to the Kheldens shapeshifted forms.  Toggle 1: Special: Self +Fly, +Leaping, +Run.  Toggle 2: Specific Movement
Level 8: Stealth Mode.  This gives a bonus to defense vs all attacks.  Toggle: +Defense(All)
Level 10: Combat Computer.  This gives you and all of your teammates a better chance to hit and a defensive bonus it also gives your teammates the bonus to overall recharge that you gain from your Improved Sensors power.  PBAoE of 60 feet and is similar to the leadership secondary pool.  Toggle: Self +To Hit, +Defense(All)
Level 12: Force Field.  This power deflects all incoming damage except psionic.  It gives a moderate boost to def.  Toggle: Self: +Defense(All)
Level 14: Nano Regeneration.  This is bonus to Health regeneration.  Self: +Regeneration
Level 18: Fusion Generator.  This boost your recovery.  This power is always on.
Level 20:  Nanite Interface.  This power allows a faster and more complete control over your power armor and enhances many of your subsystems.  This gives a bonus to your movement powers, healing, recovery and the recharge speed of all of your powers.  It also gives a small To Hit and Defensive bonus.  Toggle: Self +Recharge(All), +To Hit, +Defense(All)
Level 24: Impervium Armor MK II.  This greatly improves the resistance of the original Impervium Armor.  Self +Resistance(All except Psychic and Toxic)
Level 26: Propulsion Upgrade Omega.  All forms of movement are boosted including the Swift power.  There is also a boost to the recharge of all powers.  Self: +Fly, +Leaping, +Run.
Level 28: Overcharge: This power is a small overall boost to damage.  Self: +Damage(All)
Level 30: Polarized Impervium Mesh Overlay: This a nano-weave of impervium that has been grafted to your existing impervium armor.  this gives a moderate boost to both the impervium armors and the polarized armor abilities.  Toggle: Self +Defense(All), +Resistance(All)
Level 32:  Laser Drone:  This creates a drone that follows you and attacks enemies that get too close.  Toggle: Summon Drone
Level 35: Fusion Generator MK II: This power increases the end reduction effect of all powers and boost your stamina recovery.  Self +Recovery, +Fly, +Leaping, +Run.
Level 38: Polarized Armor MK II: This power is very similar to the Strength of Will power for Tankers.   Self +Res(All, Disorient, Sleep, Hold, Immobilize, Knockback), +Recovery

Power Armor Tactical
None of these powers have a typical secondary effect until the 20th level when the option to choose is available.

Level 1: Energy Bolt:  Ranged, Minor Damage Energy
Level 2: Kinetic Brawling.  This attack power boost the effectiveness of all melee attacks.  Self: +Damage(Melee) +Special: Melee, Moderate DoT
Level 4: Energy Blast: Ranged: Moderate Damage (Energy)
Level 10: Subduing  Wave: This cone attack causes little damage but causes the targets to be knocked down and held for a short time.  Ranged: (Cone) Minor Damage, Foe Immoblize, -Fly
Level 14: Energy Burst: Ranged: Close High Damage Energy
Level 16: Energy Assisted Brawling.  Melee, High Damage Smash/Energy  Special: This power is affected by the Energy Modulation power.
Level 20: Shoulder Mounted Weapon.  This opens up additional powers options for shoulder mounted attacks.  These powers act as a PBAoE and will attack anything that comes within range one target at a time.  Recharge time takes five seconds.  Toggle: Special/Shapeshift
Gatling Gun.  Fast DoT.  Continuous stream of bullets at one target.  "Recharge" once every 15 seconds.  Ranged, Minor DoT
Missile.  Heavy AoE Dot.  Missiles hits every 5 seconds and affects all targets in a small area. "Recharge" every 15 seconds.
Energy Blast. Long Continuous DoT.  This power picks one target and and attacks continuously for 15 seconds at which time it needs to recharge.  If the target is defeated before the full 15 seconds has been reached then the power will recharge and start over on a new target.

Level 22: Energy Modulation.  This allows a character the option of selecting their secondary effects of their ranged powers.  When in use the character gets to select from the following power type to gain their secondary effects.  Toggle: Special +Secondary Effect
Energy: +Foe Knockback (All)
Ice: +Foe -Recharge, -Spd, -Jump, -Fly
Fire: +Foe DoT(Fire Energy)
Electrical: +Foe -End, -Recovery

Level 24: Quantum Energy Modulation:  This power gives all of your powers to have an addition secondary power effect.  All powers affected by the Energy Modulation power gain an addition secondary power effect debuff.  The debuff is against Defense and Resistance. It will be the same amount as the Radiation Blast set.  Toggle: Self +Special(Tertiary Damage Effect as per Energy Modulation)
Level 28: Should Mounted Weapon MK II.  Toggle: Self Special(Second Shoulder Mounted Weapon)/Shapeshift
Level 35: Smart Missile: Ranged (Targeted AoE) Superior Damage(Smashing, Lethal), Foe: Knockback
Level 38: Micro-Nuke.  PBAoE: Extreme Damage(Smashing/Energy) Foe Hold, -Def(All), Self -Recovery



Most of these powers can be re-skinned-ish existing powers but some of them would be completely new powers.  I am sorry for layout issues I had some problems importing the text and went with the first thing that worked.


If this particular idea has already been thrown out there in another area I apologize for making a new one.  Thank you for taking the time to read this far.

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