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No real reason to make this a long topic like my previous ones. Nova Praetoria beacons for our Supergroup Bases are needed stat! Why have First Ward and Night Ward ones and not have Nova, Imperial City, and Neutropolis beacons! It's something that has to be done ASAP. 

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9 minutes ago, Coyotedancer said:

I still say Cim needs one, too. 

The reason that Cim, among other zones, don't have one is due to the fact that their is a min level and badge needed to go. I also say that we have Midnighter Mansion, Cimerora, Abyss, and Monster Island also get beacons and if you aren't the level or don't have the need badge you just won't be able to see thhe beacon (similar to heroes not seeing villain zones).

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