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List of Character Lists!


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I need to update overhaul mine. The recent 7 FREE TAILOR COUPONS from Page 4 patch had like a Bull in a candy store... or something similar. That and the idle toon warning. It did make me take a step back and decide which AT/powers I was never really going to play anyway. I released about a couple of dozen of them, and I'm now trying to re-assign some of the costumes and names to the ones I really want to keep or try playing. 

As soon as my head stops spinning from the re-naming, respec-ing and re-outfitting, I'll do the list.

So I started to update my list. I couldn't finish it in one sitting so I thought I'd click "Hide Topic after posting". I thought it meant it would be hidden from everyone else while I was working on it. But apparently it's also hidden from me. So ya, the link to my toons doesn't work anymore. Filed a ticket, but I'm afraid I have to start over. =(

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So the thing I did is finished for now.  Likely no changes until I get more characters to a completed state, which is usually a slow process for me.  A lot of these I've been working on for the 2 months I've been on Homecoming.  Problem with putting this here while I built it up, it was very much a rough draft for a while there.  The writing all changed, sometimes a little sometimes a lot, but in every case the change is IMO significant.  Also now it has theme songs and PICTURES.




Please let me know if the formatting on the pictures is screwed up, it worked out really neatly on my screen (Chrome browser on a PC) but I sort of don't trust it because it seemed too easy, like it auto-filled to the text width. 

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