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Anniversary Screenshot Contest!

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A while back on Everlasting, a villain-themed CC was held, and afterwards it was decided that since it was the birthday of one of the judges, they were going to have to take a very thoughtful birthday beating:


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@Hissatsuman, you can mainly find me on Everlasting!

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My first week back on the server I simply had to re-create my first 50 on Live. He was a Luchador themed Fire/Fire blaster. Here he is taking a little blaster-nap (classic!) on one of his first missions after his Homecoming. Ahh yes the ground, smells just like I remember it.



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22 hours ago, krj12 said:

I took this image from the ORIGINAL year 1 anniversary celebration on the Freedom server ( so many years ago ).  Good times gathering in AP and partying. :)




I love supergroup uniforms. Check out all the other supergroups all uniformed up in the background! Amazing!

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Boom-Boom, Cidri and Atomatrix rests after defeating the horrible Doctor Vahzilok and his dreadful wasting disease.


This arc finale is special place for me, because in this early update I for the first time saw what the developers could do with a little more time on their hands and with less of the early issues´ madcap rush. I remember how I was stunned entering this room many years ago, expecting the usual sewer room.

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