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Hello Everyone! 


My name is Peanut and i love PvE. I think its time that we do a little event to see who is the fastest on the homecoming servers. 

I have all the info on my discord but i will post here also and a link to my discord! Also you can message me in game @BigPeanut 


Task Force Olympics will consist of three task forces of teams of five

With the goal being to get the fastest accumulative time

The Following will be the task forces we will be doing in the following order:

1 - Lord Recluse Strike Force

2 - Imperious Task Force

3 - Ms. Liberty Task Force


Prize Pool

1st place - 200 million to each person on team and of course bragging rights

2nd place - 100 million to each person on team

3rd place - 50 million to each person on team


Rules are being worked on and confirmation time rules are being worked! 

This is also being personally funded by me and some friends if anyone would like to DONATE that would be extremely helpful!

The more influence we get the bigger the prize pool goes up and more interest in the event! 


Anybody that is interested can send me a message of your team and there globals

You can message me @BigPeanut or my discord Big$pit#3650




Link to the Discord 


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48 minutes ago, Sakai said:

Seemed I glazed through the part that said you were still sorting out the rules. Oops. 

Its ok im trying to figure it out just to make sure its legit and everything i will be testing levels out tomorrow to find a good spot!

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