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Bug with Fast-Snipe Indicator

Adeon Hawkwood

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So I encountered a weird bug with the fast snipe indicator. I have an AR/Dev blaster and targeting drone means I have fast-snipe permanently.


I did a Synapse Task Force (so exemplared down to level 20) and the yellow ring around sniper rifle vanished. Now mu assumption was that the exemplaring mechanics had reduced the effectiveness of my enhancements such that Targeting Drone was providing less than 22% buff. The thing is I checked the powers screen and that showed a 22.37% buff (or there about). I tested Sniper Rifle and it was definitely benefiting from the fast-snipe bonus (no interruption and the regular fast-snipe attack speed).


So it looks like the bug is with the fast snipe indicator rather than the mechanics. For whatever reason the fast snipe indicator doesn't seem to appear under certain circumstances even when the To Hit bonus is high enough to allow fast-snipe.

Defender Smash!

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