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Alright Ladies and Gentlemen! The Moment Everyone has Been Waiting For! 
I have reviewed and overlooked everything! I Have your official winners!
I would like congradulate everyone for competing in a tough event like this! 
Just a little something before i announce. I really want to say thank you to everyone that was involved in helping me with this event. To all the team captains that helped pitch in ideas and helped me keep things clear here on the discord. I have been wanting to do something like this for a real long time and finally i was able to do it! The best part of City of Heroes is not just the game it self but its this FUCKEN COMMUNITY that keeps this game running and makes me proud to call this one of my all time fav games ever! But im done talking now time to get to the good stuff!


For those that dont know what this was it was a 5 man Speed TF triathlon! Accumulative time wins and winners received 500 mill infamy and title on discord! 2nd got 300 mill and 3rd got 200 mill!  

Had a total of 9 teams that entered it was fun and exciting! 




1st Place - TEAM USA 
@Grimjack (Blaster)
@Bloodom (Blaster)
@DarkBladed (Scrapper)
@Elmyder (Corrupter)
@Faultline (Corrupter)
LRSF - 10:27
ITF - 8:17
TT -31:37


2nd Place - 4-thots and sloth 
@Firyos (Corrupter)
@anelec (Corrupter)
@Sloth (Blaster)
@Alouu (Scrapper)
@whoogie (Scrapper)
LRSF - 10:28
ITF - 9:16
TT -33:22


3rd Place - Speed Monkeys
@Techno (Blaster)
@Tux (Corruptor)
@Philtrum (Scrapper)
@Princey (Corruptor)
@Xemnas (Corruptor)
LRSF - 14:03
ITF - 9:57
TT - 40:19

Special Shout out! :slight_smile: ❤️




@SoMEonE Nice








There will be more events in the Future stay tuned! 

Have any questions message me @BigPeanut

Also join the discord https://discord.gg/DXN3Kum


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This event was a blast!


The homecoming group needs to definitely get behind this, we need more content based events and Peanut for sure should be the one to set them up.(thanks again peanut for your time and effort)


There's more to the game then costume contests!

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