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Hello, Just a quick question I levelled a new character gold side hoping to get the titles. I managed to the lvl15 ones but once I hit 25 I just got standard hero ones. 


How do I get the ones shown on Paragonwiki?



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Keep leveling in Praetoria, First Ward, and Night Ward till you're at least 25. Don't make that transition at level 20 to Red or Blue side. Just realize that once you switch to Red or Blue, you'll lose access to those Gold titles.


At level 20, get the mission to make the Red/Blue transition, but just let it sit in your mission list. Go into the sewers in Imperial City. All the way in the south is a door that leads to First Ward. Heck, you can get all the way to 50 as a Gold sider if you don't mind being limited to those zones. I got my dude Trauma Train to 37 in the Night Ward before I decided to take him Blue side.

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