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A question for farmers

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I do it for all of the above, inf, drops, and PL.

I have 2 accounts, altitis, and playing the role of an "ebil marketeer" was something I did on live.

Fire/kin back then now a /fire broot.


I'm of 2 minds, I enjoy turning on Amon Amarth and mowing down the masses, and sometimes I afk farm, whatever mood strikes me.


I love having the ability to kit out a a new 50, play the market to finish out the build, and then maybe strip the toon sell off the ios for profit and delete the toon just to start another....

I know, I know I am a fickle evil god lol.

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The Revenants twitch channel, come watch us face plant, talk smack, and attempt to be world class villains.

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I legitimately enjoy farming. Why that is, I'm not entirely sure. Maybe it's the zen of zoning out, facerolling my rotation and watching the inf number get bigger. Maybe it's the power fantasy of being a superhero and smashing hundreds of enemies. I don't know but whatever it is, I enjoy it enough that I have a backstory and lore for my firefarm that explains what she is doing and why. (She's part of an organization that deals with alien invasions and is fighting a hostile alien race attempting to invade the solar system.)

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I just do it for the inf/XP. On a good day I can handle two farms in a row, but most of the time I'm out after one, it's just so tedious. The initial thrill of "Hey, I've built this guy to be unstoppable on these farms, and look at him tear through 'em!" wore off quick.

@Hissatsuman, you can mainly find me on Everlasting!

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3 hours ago, Yomo Kimyata said:

I’ve started a presence on another CoH server and I plan on farming there for AE tickets for recipes and salvage.  The AH there is a wasteland.

I think all the shards draw off a single common AH.
I think.... OH .. Server... nevermind.
Ignore this.

Edited by Vulpoid
I was mistaken.
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