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A young person with a failing memory! Hanare, The Ninja, reporting for duty!

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First off, sorry if this is against the rules. I searched for a rules post on this thread but couldn't find one.


Hi, I'm Luna, and I got into City of Heroes at a very very very young age about 10-11 to be exact.


I was taken into a Ninja-themed guild and was treated very kindly, and made some very impactful friendships, people I still think about to this day. RP-wise I suppose I was the "daughter" to the guild's Ninja King, which was fitting as I was a literal 11 year old. My IGN was Hanare and I had long green hair and wore a standard Ninja-style outfit.


I was wondering if anyone remembers this Ninja themed guild, or me, for that matter. I don't remember the name, or even the server, I just remember that almost everyone wielded Katanas with the Super Reflexes secondary.


(on the off chance any of you see this, I turned out well! I'm 19 and going to cosmetology school, you raised a good one!)

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