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Hey folks, 


For the last bit I've been doing sprite stuff for my buds. I'm pretty proud of my most recent stuff so I thought I'd do a dump of work I've done. 


Character Line-ups 










Animated GIFS






Discord Emojis



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Do me, do me!!

"Homecoming is not perfect but it is still better than the alternative.. at least so far" - Unknown  (Wise words Unknown!)


Sooo.. I guess I am taking a non-voluntary break until November?!


Si vis pacem, para bellum

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1 hour ago, Snowdaze said:

These are really great, I'm curious though, do you normally start from scratch for each or do you have a "base outline" that you use?

Pretty much my flow is I first create a base version. Usually just white and grey to get a form I'm happy with. Once I have a template I'm happy with I create a new layer to quickly recreate characters I like! 

The animations are a bit more complicated. Usually I create a really loose version where I just frame out the animations. Once the animation is looking ok in a really basic form I start to go over each frame again to draw the character in. 


The discord emojis I usually just do from scratch as they're pretty quick. 

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