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Second Annual Task Force Olympics Results!

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Thank you everyone that attended the event it was a blast! We had a total of nine teams of six for a total of 54 players competing in this event!

The Prize money was 350 million to each person in first place 250 to each person in second place and 150 million to each person in third!

I will be posting this friday about event #3 and am looking forward to more people joining. If anyone would like to contact me my in game global is @Peanut

Also i am funding most of the event solo and i have had some people make some very generous donations. if anyone would like to help it would be amazing thank you to everyone! 

Link for the Discord https://discord.gg/DXN3Kum







The Second Annual Task Force Olympic Results! 


Order of the TFs were Lady Grey, Mort Kal, and Dr.Khan

Accumulative wins! 






1st Place - Fake Gamers
@Bloodom Blaster
@DarkBladed Scrapper
 @Grimjack Defender
@Firyos Corrupter
@Prec Blaster
@Konreed Corrupter
LGFT - 10:19
Mort - 6:31
Khan - 7:17
TT - 24:07





2nd Place - Team Neverlasting
@Elmyder - Blaster
@Faultline - Blaster
@BlackHearted - Corruptor
@Rebel - Corruptor
@Veracor - Dominator
@RavenMagus - Defender 
LGTF - 10:09
Mort - 6:52
Khan - 8:07
TT - 25:08





3rd Place - Speed Monkeys
Speed Monkeys
@Techno - Domi
@Philtrum - Scrapper
@Tony Stank - Blaster
@Xemnas - Blaster
@Tux - Corr
@Princeys - Corr
Lady Grey - 11:21
Mort - 7:26
Khan - 9:02
TT - 27:49

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Thanks for hosting this Peanut, it was a lot of fun to participate in!


And congratulations to Fake Gamers, they really took apart that Dr. Kahn TF!

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@Veracor - Veracor, Bio/TW Tanker on Everlasting - 1549 badges, vet level 9000 or something I don't even know anymore.


Everlasting raid leader, Hamidon main tank, iTrial main tank -- hit me up if you have questions!

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