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Allow Masterminds to slot ATEs in their personal attacks

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Pretty much what the title says. I'd like to see Masterminds be allowed to slot their ATE sets (Command of the Mastermind) and (Mark of Supremacy) into their personal attacks instead of only their pets. MMs tend to have a real problem with slot crunch on their pets since they need to slot damage, accuracy and whatever support enhancements the pets need which already gives them a shortage of slots for set bonuses and global IOs (such as the various auras).


Right now MMs have access to pet 6 Aura IOs (since they can slot the recharge intensive ones in their regular pets) and while they don't need to slot all 6 doing so will substantially increase the overall survivabilty of their pets (+35% resistance to all, +10% defense to all, +15% extra AoE defense and +150% regen). The problem is this amounts to one-third of the total slots available in their pets and while this is doable (especially if you use Damage/Accuracy HOs) it's still very limiting for builds.


So as a compromise it would be great to allow Command of the Mastermind and Mark of Supremacy to be slotted into regular attacks instead. This clears up space in the pet slots (since two of the auras can then go in attacks) and lets a MM have some nice set bonuses in their personal attacks.

Defender Smash!

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