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Task Force Olympics Event #3

Event Date - Saturday June 27th @ 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific

Task Force Order


Starting Place - Unknown

Ending Place - Unknown

Task Forces Will be announced 30 minutes before start time! 

Server - Excelsior 


-Temp Powers Turned off (Ones that dont turn off are allowed)

-No Inspirations

-Mission need to be set at +0 X1

-Long Range Teleport Pool Power also WS will be banned

-Base Teleporter is Allowed

-No archetype switching is allowed

-Only one AT of each type (example Scrapper,Blaster,Corr is ok but Blaster,Blaster,Corr is not allowed )

-Incarnates allowed

-Dark Affinity and Dark Miasma will continue to be Banned

-Team of 3 ( I know some people wont like the but will go back to larger teams after)

-Animation Canceling will be allowed ( My reasoning behind this even sense i can see what yall are doing its too hard to spot the canceling a lot of the times due to people playing on lower graphics and such so i am going to give everyone the info on how to do it and its your own choice if you use it or not /em liedown and /em shocked you can bind this to any key and basically what it does is cancel the root of your attacks and makes things a tad bit quicker I also will be putting this up to a straw poll vote but it will be the week before just try it and if people dont like it i will ban it )

Once you have decided on your team Send me your team name and your Globals! 

Prize Money

1st Place - 500 million to each Player and Bragging Rights
2nd Place - 250 million to each Player
3rd Place - 150 million to each Player

I would love to make this Prize Pool Larger if anyone would like to Donate message me @Peanut Thank you Again Everyone! 

Just a little side note so everyone knows! I have been working hard to get GM;s to notice what we are doing here and i have messaged a few personally and i would really like to get them involved in helping with prizes and maybe TITLES for the winners of the events. Word of mouth is key here so if you talk about the event more the word will spread! 

Discord Link :  https://discord.gg/DXN3Kum

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1 hour ago, nihilii said:

I'm curious as to the reasoning behind banning Long Range Teleport? Not a criticism, I don't speedrun so I'm just genuinely interested in learning.

Its very buggy you can use it to skip certain things! 

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