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I'm sure this has been reported, more than once but I'm not seeing it right now.  I'm on map -  Zone/Mission: Abandoned_Office_30_Layout_06 (which is the 1st Defeat all Outcasts in base mission) on Server: Excelsior and I've got an Outcast (the last one) stuck in the ceiling.  I can go into the room, and he can shoot me, but I can't shoot at him.  At 8th level, I don't have an AoE that I can use to dig him out and none of my single target attacks goes off when I'm circling the stuck Outcast trying to find an angle that will allow me to attack him. 

The thing that sucks is if I get in the next room and go all the way to the ceiling, he can still SHOOT me.  Which really blows... 

Anyhow, I know I had this happen before on one of the two Outcast missions, but I don't remember if I reported it or not.  Just if there is anything that can be done about it, I would greatly appreciate it...  Very annoying. 

Thank you.

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