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Brutes and Stalkers as Heroes?


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The "epic" archetypes are the exceptions -- you still can't start as a villainous Kheldian or a heroic Arachnos operative. You *can* switch sides after the fact, though.

Formerly of Virtue, now on Excelsior:

Ace of Spades Adamant Eve | Arch-Rival The BeBlackbelt Citizen Arcane Core | Ctrl Alt Defeat | Daddy Longlegs Diamant Freak Accident Galactrix Great White Shark

Heavy Machinery Highway Star The Howl Ion Maiden Knockout Artist Krakatoa Night's Templar The Pact Paroled McDonald Virtual Boy Volcaniac White Widow Yucatan

And my most recent 50, Inter-Galactica (Gravity Control/Energy Assault dominator, 28 May 2023)

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