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Off-The-Beaten-Track Places


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Are there any places that are potentially neat spots to visit/rolepay that are...  maybe not secrets, but not the obvious places?


Some that I know of:


The Monkey Fight Club in Sharkhead

Paragon Dance Party in Talos and I forget where else

The rooftop park in Atlas

The floating islands around Ouroborus


Anything similar?  Ideally with few or no enemy spawns and featuring some kind of interesting element to them.


Not supergroup bases.  Not that they aren't great, but they're a separate topic.

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2 hours ago, Latex said:

I've gotta find this rooftop park in Atlas, didn't know of this one.

If you're at Ms Liberty facing south, it's towards the southeast, and vaguely visible.  It's a building with a slightly domed glassed-in roof, and there are doors that let you go up some steps into the glassed in section, which is a small park.

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2 hours ago, Coyotedancer said:

Several of the little islands around the Chantry, and at Crimson Falls in the Shard are nice. If you can get to them.

The floating Isles in Ouroboros have some lovely RP spots as well!

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So, starting at the steps south of Miss Liberty ... 



... turn to the South-East ...



... you should see this tower off in the distance.  It's your destination.



(Here's a closer look on approach.)



Once you get there, head to the dark-grey concrete without windows, and you'll see a door at the side ...



... one of these types of doors!



Click it.



Ta-da!  Garden Tower Dome!




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Kallisti has a copy of the roof top park.


To add to this list:

The Tower in Statesman Plaza can be entered from one door.


There is a couple ships out in the ocean in Talos

St. Martial has a couple enter-able buildings

Police stations

Magic stores, other stores too I guess but they are kinda lame in comparison.

The "matrix" room, it is accessible from the arena in PI

Any PvP zone, if you are looking for some flair, The hotdog stand in Sirens can be an interesting hangout.

A handful of zones have basketball courts, some have mobs some do not.

Null the Gull can transport you to a few enemy free instances.

and lastly the Loyalist Lounge in Nova Praetoria, although there are entrance limitations.

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Oh, Praetoria!

Praetoria's versions of Pocket D, the University, and the police stations.


Studio 55 is a good RP spot. Just, don't try to sit in any of the booths with tables.


The Precincts.

Cole Memorial Hospital.


Nova Praetoria

On the south west side, there is a small plaza with a concrete statue and benches.

Anywhere in the Magistarium

To the west of the Magistarium is a courtyard between two buildings, a statue, benches and two reflecting pools. There are NPC's here and they can be chatty, but nothing should disturb RP.

The North West of the zone has Nova Hold Storage. It has a nice yard with shipping containers and some PPD. If one needs an area like that.

To the North East of the Magistarium is a sunken bistro called Loyal Tea & Coffe with a statue to look at.


Imperial City

The Park has several benches and a dock. The view is quiet nice as well.

To the west of the Aureas marker is a little open air bistro.

In the Four Gables district there's a fountain with benches surrounding it. Just to the west are a couple of gazebos.

On the east side of Four Gables is a putting green.

Again on the east side of Four Gables there is a grassy area overlooking Nova Praetoria.



Anywhere around Neuron's tower.

Speaking of Neuron's Tower, there are doors at the base that will take you to the middle of the tower, and another door to take you to the upper level of the tower.

To the South is a sunken hexagon seating area with some greenery in the middle.

To the South of the Lambda sector is a small airstrip.

I know I left out Keys Island. I just haven't been there enough to find the goodie spots. It looks like it'd be a great find for anything industrial or refinery like.


Most of the tall buildings or twin buildings in Praetoria have a courtyard of some sort. I left them most of them out because of mob spawn points.


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Midnight Thorn, Overlord of Ivory Tower.  (Everlasting)

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12 hours ago, Snowdaze said:

You dont have to "glitch" your way in like the old days, if you enter the arena and stay on the first floor and go directly back to the doors on the inner wall they should let you into the room.


Pretty cool!

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All of Kallisti Warf is empty except for the Market Crash contact and some stores, hospitals, trainers.  Fusionette is there eating a donut.  


I found a sports stadium that's half built but there a bleachers and space for someone to act or give a speech.  The whole zone is clean except one person said they saw a piece of litter once and only one piece.  Bit if you wanted to roleplay there is tons of space.


The club in Talos is on your map as Paragon Dance Party.  The doors are in Steel (near the South train), Talos, and IP on the island with Terra Volta.

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Nobody goes south from the ferry in PI, it seems... Nice little out of the way island.

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Speaking of rooftop areas, I found a small rooftop area in Kings Row when I was on my way to a mission.  The mission point was at a door on the rooftop, so I had to take the stairs up. There's picnic tables, a few small plants and a guard rail around the whole thing.  Easily accessible for anyone without flight from the rooftop access on the ground floor.  It's in the southeast corner of Kings Row.

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