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I made a thing: Keystone Keybind Editor

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I put this in the General forum because I am lazy and inobservant and didn't notice this option.  It more properly belongs here...


As a born Defender, I have come to attempt to buff your heroes.


Here for your amusement is my "Learning Python Project" that became my "Coronavirus Project" and has now reached a stage of completion where I am ready to have people who are not my immediate friends kick, poke, and ridicule it:




That link should take you to an exe that will run on Windows.  The GitHub site contains all my Python code.


It's an editor for CoH keybind files with an included command reference, import and export features, and a tree view for files liked together by bind_load_file.

There are walkthroughs in the help menu written in my "endearing" and "unique" style.

It may be particularly useful for Masterminds as the binds from the Mastermind forums are in an included import file that can be used to quickly add them to a toon.

If nothing else it can help you make your battle cry precisely the right shade of salmon.


I could really use a better picture of the Brick "Keystone" if there is a generous artist in the house.


If it's useful, help me fix what's broke or missing and I may nervously roll the version to 1.0.0 and pull -dev off.


- Jock Tamson, Who writes things for City of Heroes

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