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Elec/Elec Blaster - Lightning Clap Confirmation


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So I've recently been rebuilding my first (and main) character from live... an elec/elec Blaster.  Typically when building a Blaster I stick to the role:  Essentially nothing but pure ranged damage.  However one power has my eyebrows raised and I want to confirm if my speculation about this ability is correct:


Lightning Clap from Electricity Manipulation.  In the description it says that you do damage to foes knocking them back but ALSO increase your recovery/regen for a time after.


So with this I have a few questions.  1) Does one only get the benefit of the increased recovery/regen if Lightning Clap actually HITS something?  2) If that is in fact the case... I'd be right by essentially just blowing it everytime it comes off cooldown (whether there are enemies near me or not) simply to get the bonus recovery/regen, right?


Does that make sense?

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