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Infinitum Tanker (and other types too!) Build Collection


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I have been a Main tanker since Live and have collected quite a few builds - I have shared them piece by piece here, so I thought i would just put them all in one place, if anyone ever needed them.


I rely on not getting killed more than damage output or number of attacks.  The damage I can output on each of them is still impressive though.


I even included my Brutes that can also tank as well as any of my tanks.


Tanker Armor Rankings IMO **REVISED**


1.* Bio Armor - the asterisk is because it takes a measure of skill to play, and build Bio Armor - and  the looming nerf also.

1. Shield Defense - with the upcoming typed defense changes this by default has to be here IMO - and is arguably higher than Bio also.

2. Invulnerability - Still very close to the top, but has slight vulnerabilities exposed a little more with the typed defense change - manageable though.

2.* Stone Armor (QoL reasons)

3. Super Reflexes

4. Dark Armor

5. Radiation Armor

6. Willpower

7. Ice Armor

8. Electric Armor

9. Fiery Aura


**Note** If Energy Aura were a tanker set it would be solidly Number 4


Also 1-5 are all very very close with the exception of Bio which can do some pretty insane bat kaka crazy stuff.


Update 7/19/2022


- Updated Melee across the board slight changes to each build - more attacks on some - optimized slotting on others.


- Added 2 Bio Armor Tankers


- Added Blasters, Corruptors, Defenders, and Sentinels - I am sure seasoned cutting edge veteran blasters might find a few faults with my builds because here again I sacrifice a little damage for a little durability - and lean towards hover blasting - which in light up the upcoming typed defense changes, may not be such a bad option.  My wife honestly loves the ranged ATs more than me so the vast majority of them are hers - I have 3 live and a few concepts.  haha  I like the melee!


The most reliable and durable are Infinitum/ Nova Infinitum/ Captain Infinitum/ Captain Starburst/Magnus Invictus/Brikhouse.


The most devastating are UltraInfinitum/ Lodestarr/ Novaflux/ Novaforge/ Obsidian Paladin/ FYF-9x Stinger/ EtherealBlaze/ OmegaInfinitum/ JadePaladin/Fulminare/Ikari Kanri.


The most fun IMO is Ultra Infinitum - However, Revamped Energy Melee has made any of the EM characters a contender in this category just from sheer play strategy (active target selection and power rotation) and free feel of flow.  But honestly every time in play any of these builds I haven't played in a while it's the most fun ever anyway. lol  Ikari Kanri and Fulminare are now right up there with the fun factor that Ultra Infinitum has IMO.


Hope you enjoy these, and hope they help, if you have any questions feel free to ask.  @Infinitum - Excelsior Server



Hail to the King Baby - Welcome to Tankerdom!


Infinitum - Tanker (Invulnerability - Super Strength).mxd ---- My first ever 50 Live and Homecoming.  Really solid. 

Invulnerability/Super Strength


Captain Infinitum - Tanker (Shield Defense - Street Justice).mxd---- Ultra Reliable, not held back by not having a heal - cause you usually can work your way out of any situation by outlasting the bad guys.

Shield Defense/Street Justice


Ultra Infinitum - Tanker (Shield Defense - Electric Melee).mxd---- Really fun AOE shred anything but a boss build - every 30 seconds you are like a battle ship firing a broadside.

Shield Defense/Electric Melee


Alpha Infinitum - Tanker (Electric Armor - Psionic Melee).mxd---- Solid Build, Psi Melee is a high damage set with awesome graphics and effects to go with it..

Electric Armor/Psionic Melee


Omega Infinitum - Tanker (Dark Armor - Dark Melee).mxd---- really fun Dark Brawler esque build - very solid with ToF Buff, despite the shadow maul nerf - Dark IMO is the best Resistance Set.

Dark Armor/Dark Melee


Absolute Infinitum - Tanker (Ice Armor - Ice Melee).mxd---- Ice Ice Baby - Very solid survivable Tanker build - that can debuff, slow and control enemies as well.  Very fun indeed!

Ice Armor/Ice Melee


Turbo Infinitum - Tanker (Fiery Aura - Fire Melee).mxd ---- Triple fire - burn baby burn - will be really good when/if fire gets buffed.

Fiery Aura/Fire Melee


Paladin Infinitum - Tanker (Shield Defense - Broadsword).mxd---- I think this will be the final iteration of Paladin Infinitum - he has a shield - he has a sword.  Nuff said.

Shield Defense/Broadsword


Magnus Obsidian - Tanker (Shield Defense - Dark Melee).mxd---- A day ago someone posted a build request for a Shield/Dark Tanker - and honestly it looks like on paper it would have awesome synergy - so Magnus Obsidian was born.

Shield Defense/Dark Melee


Gadsden - Tanker (Willpower - Street Justice).mxd---- Brawler Build - Very Survivable

Willpower/Street Justice


Radianite - Tanker (Radiation Armor - Radiation Melee).mxd---- Solid - multi tiered mitigation now 90% Res across the board except for Cold - also great damage

Radiation Armor/Radiation Melee


Novakick - Tanker (Shield Defense - Martial Arts).mxd---- My youngest son's Main - he wanted an unkillable karate guy.

Shield Defense/Martial Arts


Brikhouse - Tanker (Invulnerability - Street Justice).mxd ---- My wife's Brawler Tank - Street Justice

Invulnerability/Street Justice


Halenrock Tanker (Stone Armor - Stone Melee).mxd---- My Van Halen Tribute, Still leveling this on HC live, but have tested this in Beta and its awesome - Sub TP foe for Combat TP

Stone Armor/Stone Melee

Ethereal Blaze - Tanker (Fiery Aura - Psionic Melee).mxd---- This one puts out crazy burst damage when paired with Musculature and Assault Radial - combined with Insight strike its pretty amazing.

Fiery Aura/Psionic Melee


Eternal Patriot - Tanker (Shield Defense - Super Strength).mxd---- I wanted to see how this pair worked together because I had heard good things - and it is very strong both offensively and defensively.  You just have to watch for the rage - and often double rage crash.

Shield Defense/Super Strength


Invictan - Tanker (Shield Defense - Axe).mxd---- It looks like I am testing to see how well ANY set works with Shield - but come on - its a battle axe... and a shield.

Shield Defense/Battle Axe


Ikari Kanri - Tanker (Bio Armor - Savage Melee).mxd---- And here we go - this is one ferocious tanker - fast and fluid, daring anything to try to kill him. Ikari Kanri means Anger Management in Japanese

Bio Armor/Savage Melee



Ultra Theory Crafted Invulnerability Tankers


Ultimate 01 - Tanker - Invulnerability - Martial Arts.mxd---- May not be practical - but in terms of what if - take a look at this.  haha




Softcapped Positionals and overcapped Typed - with Standard Invul resists - good luck bad guys!   haha


Ultimate 02 - Tanker - Invulnerability - Super Strength.mxd---- Same as above but not quite as strong.





EM Buff Characters


Nova Infinitum - Tanker (Invulnerability - Energy Melee).mxd---- Same Reliability as Infinitum - but with Ultra lethal ST dmg output and decent AoE.

Invulnerability/Energy Melee


Quantum Infinitum - Tanker (Super Reflexes - Energy Melee).mxd---- Updated Synergy for Tanker SR - Energy Melee mixed with the recharge seems like a good pair.

Super Reflexes/Energy Melee


Magnus Invictus - Tanker (Shield Defense - Energy Melee).mxd---- I can not believe I didn't have a Energy Melee Shield tanker - this is another in the long line of Infinitums.  I had built one for my 16 year old below - Captain Starburst but for some reason never for me.  This one is for me                  (mine's better :-D)

Shield Defense/Energy Melee


Lodestarr - Tanker (Fiery Aura - Energy Melee).mxd---- Fiery Embrace + BU + Burn+WH+PC Lethal AOE  --  Fiery Embrace + BU + TF+ET Ultra Lethal ST damage.

Fiery Aura/Energy Melee


Energystar - Brute (Energy Melee - Invulnerability).mxd---- Brute Version of Nova Infinitum - Less survivable but a good portion more Damage output.

Energy Melee/Invulnerability


Novaflux - Stalker (Energy Melee - Energy Aura).mxd---- This IMO is the Premier EM build I have - its super effecient - can take alphas - can output Second to none ST dmg and decent AOE.

Energy Melee/Energy Aura


Novaforge - Scrapper (Energy Melee - Energy Aura).mxd---- Close second to Novaflux - scrapper version is a slightly more durable.

Energy Melee/Energy Aura


Obsidian Paladin - Stalker (Energy Melee - Shield Defense).mxd---- Outputs more damage than Novaflux and Novaforge but is less survivable due to no heal - thats why you have to kill it first and fast.

Energy Melee/Shield Defense


Arclyte - Brute (Energy Melee - Energy Aura).mxd---- Brute version of the other 3 EA builds - more survivable - Insane ST dmg output but less AOE.

Energy Melee/Energy Aura


Captain Starburst - Tanker (Shield Defense - Energy Melee).mxd---- My oldest son's Main - As sturdy as Capn Infi but lots more burst damage.

Shield Defense/Energy Melee


Fulminare - Tanker (Bio Armor - Energy Melee).mxd---- Here is the awesome Fulminare (in Latin - to Flash with Thunder) Very powerful in survivability and burst damage - and DPS.

Bio Armor/Energy Melee



We got da Brutes!


Brute Reynolds - Brute (Street Justice - Fiery Aura).mxd---- Built for speed east bound and down - he's got a hot temper and mean right hook!

Street Justice/Willpower


Knottingham - Brute (Super Strength - Willpower).mxd---- A proper British bloke - however Knottingham likes to fight as much as he likes the beautiful game - sometimes he even fights about the beautiful game - don't let his sophisticated appearance fool you.

Super Strength/Willpower


Pollverine - Brute (Claws - Radiation Armor).mxd---- Sorry - had to do it - I wanted a claws brute - and went straight to the gutter.  Fairly self explanatory.  haha

Claws/Radiation Armor


Ruffalo - Brute (Super Strength - Radiation Armor).mxd---- Again... yeah as I get more sleep deprived - the more I come up with themes like Ruffalo - give you one guess what it looks like.  haha  all jokes aside - this is a really strong build.

Super Strength/Radiation Armor


Space Marshal Givens - Brute (Katana - Super Reflexes).mxd---- Ever seen the show Justified - this is my take on a futuristic Raylen Givens - even have one costume with the cowboy hat - futuristic lawman that has an edge... literally.

Katana/Super Reflexes


Bulk Rogan - Brute (Street Justice - Willpower).mxd---- Yeah Bruhhthar! Bulkamania lives! - if you arent from the 80s or 90s you may not get this one, but it is still a great build.

Street Justice/Willpower


Shadowstryke - Brute (Radiation Melee - Electric Armor).mxd---- My first OP homecoming build - can tank anything with no issues except for Hydra - and even then with incarnates and skill you can these.

Radiation Melee/Electric Armor


Granjero 4.0 - Brute (Radiation Melee - Firey Aura).mxd---- My farmer build - efficient as they should be - This build is tested to work well in the upcoming AE changes in the next edition of this game that is pending.

Radiation Melee/Fiery Aura





Endri Lightstar - Scrapper (Katana - Ninjitsu).mxd---- A Jedi Knight Concept that can take any alpha, and output swift slick retribution very smoothly.



Billy Lee - Scrapper (Street Justice - Ninjitsu).mxd---- My double dragon late 80s early 90s tribute - similar to Endri but with Street Justice.

Street Justice/Ninjitsu


FYF9x Stinger - Scrapper (Claws - Energy Aura).mxd---- Very efficient, repetitive and slicey dicey death machine - Can take alphas very well.

Claws/Energy Aura


Sensei Miyagi - Scrapper (Martial Arts - Ninjitsu).mxd ---- Just your traditional Martial Artist Kung Fu Fighting style.

Martial Arts/Ninjitsu


Rocky Balboa - Scrapper (Street Justice - Willpower).mxd---- Very punchy and gritty survival - kinda reminds you of a certain Movie Boxing legend from the 80s and 90s.

Street Justice/Willpower


Omega Shinobi - Scrapper (Dual Blades - Ninjitsu).mxd---- Remembering my childhood, and the GI Joe Cartoon from the 80s - I couldn't understand why I didn't have a Snake Eyes tribute - so Omega Shinobi has come to be.

Dual Blades/Ninjitsu


Sparrowpoint - Scrapper (Dual Blades - Super Reflexes).mxd---- You will forever remember this day as the day Capn Jack Sparrow got an Infinitum Build - seriously its Pirate Melee!

Dual Blades/Super Reflexes


Aleriana - Scrapper (Martial Arts - Super Reflexes).mxd----- My wife's remade first level 50 from COH live days - very survivable and as solid as martial arts can be on a scrapper.

Martial Arts/Super Reflexes



Now for the sneaky ones - Stalker


Mr Smith- Stalker (Street Justice - Super Reflexes).mxd---- Street Justice stalker build based on an assassin that has a wife that's also an assassin.

Street Justice/Super Reflexes


Jade Paladin - Stalker (Psionic Melee - Shield Defense).mxd---- Insanely high burst damage with single target and AOE for a stalker - its amazing.

Psionic Melee/Shield Defense


Shadowflux - Stalker (Electrical Melee - Shield Defense).mxd---- High Tech Cybernetic Assassin - nightmare death machine for the bad guys.

Electric Melee/Shield Defense


Absolute Fury - Stalker - (Ice Melee - Ice Armor).mxd---- Decent AOE for a Stalker, lots of control and debuffs with excellent single target and speed.

Ice Melee/Ice Armor


Nova Crucible - Stalker (Dual Blades - Energy Aura).mxd---- Working on this new Stalker build to try to make a meat grinder with the Assassins blades and Stalker critical output - work in progress currently.

Dual Blades/Energy Aura



My Take on Controllers that can also Tank  heh


Absolute Surge - Controller (Electric Control - Storm Summoning).mxd---- Yeah you Lock them down, drain them, layer your pets and pseudopets, nothing touches you and you kill anything that gets near you.

Electric Control/Storm Summoning


Flarestorm - Controller (Fire Control - Storm Summoning).mxd---- Similar to Absolute - but without the drain is a little more dangerous.

Fire Control/Storm Summoning


Geo Surge - Controller (Earth Control - Cold Domination).mxd---- Similar to Flarestorm

Earth Control/Cold Domination


Positron Surge - Controller (Fire Control - Radiation Emission).mxd---- Similar to Geosurge - these were my take on making Avatar last airbender types - if only we had water control.

Fire Control/Radiation Emission


Chronoshift - Controller (Gravity Control - Time Manipulation).mxd---- Can lock down any Group - slower to kill than the rest of these.

Gravity Control/Time Manipulation


Phantomic - Controller (Illusion Control - Radiation Emission).mxd---- Harder to lockdown the group but more pets to take them out and get their attention.

Illusion Control/Radiation Emission


Shadowraithe - Controller (Darkness Control - Darkness Affinity).mxd---- Very good controls - fun thematic build with lots of evil minion pets to do your bidding.

Darkness Control/Darkness Affinity


Stormwraithe - Controller (Darkness Control - Storm Summoning).mxd---- Similar to the one above but with Storm Summoning to do your bidding.

Darkness Control/Storm Summoning


Hydro Surge - Corruptor (Water Blast - Storm Summoning).mxd---- Not Really a Controller - but what's a fella to do when Water Control doesnt exist?  Improvisation - this plays as close to a controller as one can get without actually being a controller - is very strong with great attack also.

Water Blast/Storm Summoning


Dr Mystify - Controller (Illusion Control - Time Manipulation).mxd---- This is my take on Dr Strange - still haven't actually leveled or played this one, but on paper it looks pretty good.

Illusion Control/Time Manipulation


Honeysuckle - Controller (Plant Control - Nature Affinity).mxd---- A Controller I designed for my Wife to play - she wanted something flowery, but deadly - so here ya go!  haha  This one will lock down mobs and shred them - while also supporting the team.

Plant Control/Nature Affinity


Lady Glove - Controller (Plant Control - Poison).mxd---- Similar to the one above but this one wasn't flowery enough for my wife, but she still enjoys playing it - Lady Glove btw is another name for the plant in the fox glove family of poisonous flowers - it is not meant to be derogatory - if you look up lady glove in google the first thing that comes up is Digitalis purpurea (Fox Glove - also known as Lady's Glove) (she got reported one time in game)

Plant Control/Poison


Deadly Attraction - Controller (Gravity Control - Radiation Emission).mxd---- Similar to Chronoshift but with the debuffs Rad Emission has - this is was my wife's controller paired with Chronoshift when we were duoing those two a few years ago.

Gravity Control/Radiation Emission



Corruptors - Strong mitigation at range - devastating attacks.


Kirk Rogers - Corruptor (Beam Rifle - Time Manipulation).mxd---- My tribute to classical Sci Fi - this one can wick away damage and dish out debilitating damage fairly efficiently.

Beam Rifle/Time Manipulation


Ryder Hood - Corruptor (Archery - Time Manipulation).mxd---- A Robin Hood themed time travel character I have theorycrafted for a while now - never actually played or leveled but one day I might get the itch to do ranged again.  haha

Archery/Time Manipulation


Wyntertyme - Corruptor (Ice Blast - Time Manipulation).mxd---- My wife wanted a Frozen themed character - so Wintertyme was born.  She is really durable and has a great attack that hits the enemy with slows, and other nice ice features.



Defenders - Solid Team Support


Proton Shock - Defender (Kinetics - Electrical Blast).mxd---- This was my only Defender from Live COH days - I haven't leveled it here - but it is a fun build that makes the enemy ride the lighting - and provides all the goodness that Kinetics does for the team.

Kinetics/Electrical Blast


Mediblast - Defender (Empathy - Beam Rifle).mxd---- My oldest son's Healer type - he really loves supporting the team - but is frighteningly sadistic when he uses Soul Storm on the enemy.  This is a really solid team support build - that we will probably put to use in Hard Mode soon.

Empathy/Beam Rifle


Life Preserver - Defender (Empathy - Radiation Blast).mxd----- My Wife's Defender from Live COH days - great team support in every way, not much attack but that's what the melee is for.

Empathy/Radiation Blast


Kascadia - Defender (Kinetics - Water Blast).mxd---- My Wife's first level 50 on Homecoming - She wanted to play support first and so she played alongside my Brute Shadowstryke - that was a great team - this is a great team support build.

Kinetics/Water Blast



Blasters - Hover Blasting 101


Hyperflux - Blaster (Fire Blast - Atomic Manipulation).mxd---- My only Blaster - EVER haha - but it is a good one - if you can stay at range you can dominate and devastate the enemy with this build.

Fire Blast/Atomic Manipulation


Proton Flame - Blaster (Fire Blast - Energy Manipulation).mxd---- This was the COH Live Days pairing my wife had to Proton Shock, my wife liked the build so much then we recreated it even better here - pretty similar to the above build - ranged and destroy

Fire Blast/Energy Manipulation


Lady Adira - Blaster (Energy Blast - Atomic Manipulation).mxd---- We are HUGE Babylon 5 fans - so this was kinda like a rare reference only die hard B5 fans would get - this build is explosive and it doesn't reign in the KB - we send them flying!  haha As it should be.

Energy Blast/Atomic Manipulation


Rosea - Blaster (Seismic Blast - Atomic Manipulation).mxd---- Designed this for my wife after we came back a month or so ago when we were getting life simmered down a bit - this is an awesome build - awesome damage - feels very powerful!

Seismic Blast/Atomic Manipulation



Sentinels - Durable Rangemasters


Master Chief 017 - Sentinel (Beam Rifle - Ninjitsu).mxd---- My Halo Themed Sent - can survive well at range and limited close engagements also.  Damage is good if you can get the disintegration rolling.

Beam Rifle/Ninjitsu


Bohemian Rhapsodee - Sentinel - (Water Blast - Ninjitsu).mxd---- A Water themed Ninja I designed for my Wife - has great damage and control - with all the survivability you can get from Ninjitsu.

Water Blast/Ninjitsu



Misc Builds - Builds that I have made for other people or ones that I have used in the past - will update more as I dig through my files - from the wayback when machine.



Scrapper (Energy Melee - Ninjitsu).mxd


Stalker (Radiation Melee - Shield Defense).mxd


Tanker - (Dark Armor - Staff Melee).mxd


Tanker - (Invul - Stone Melee).mxd


Tanker (Bio Armor - Radiation Melee).mxd


Tanker (Electric Armor - Dual Blades).mxd


Tanker (Fiery Aura - Stone Melee).mxd


Tanker (Invulnerability - Dark Melee).mxd


Tanker (Radiation Armor - Super Strength).mxd


Tanker (Super Reflexes - Claws).mxd


Brute (Electrical - Fiery Aura).mxd


Brute (Energy Melee - Electric Armor).mxd


Brute (Super Strength - Invulnerability).mxd



If you see anything not listed just reply and I will post and updated version of what you are looking for.


Thanks for Looking!


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I have a few questions for the invuln/super strength build. Are you able to keep rage up at all times? What's your attack chain look like? And if I wanted laser beam eyes how should I alter build in your opinion?

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2 hours ago, diefree said:

I have a few questions for the invuln/super strength build. Are you able to keep rage up at all times? What's your attack chain look like? And if I wanted laser beam eyes how should I alter build in your opinion?

Yeah and a good portion of the time its double stacked also.


Attack chain is smooth, haymaker and footstomp are the bread and butter honestly and KO blow is as advertised.


If you wanted to swap in LBE just sub it for either conserve power or focused accuracy and it should be fine.

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First thank you for these builds and answering questions. I do have two more questions. First I take it hover and after burner are there for the slot to have global recharge and not actually turned on right? Also what incarnate slots do you recommend to compliment build? Seems you don't need more recharge.

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10 minutes ago, diefree said:

First thank you for these builds and answering questions. I do have two more questions. First I take it hover and after burner are there for the slot to have global recharge and not actually turned on right? Also what incarnate slots do you recommend to compliment build? Seems you don't need more recharge.

My pleasure.


Hover and afterburner are there because I like to fly fast.  So may as well gain the recharge bonus too.  They could be easily swapped for another pool or power.


On all my tank builds I don't really build for recharge - but if it's there I take it.


I build for max survival first - well without gimping the attack too bad that is.


Alpha - Agility


Destiny - ageless radial because you already have dull pain and ageless radial gives you more DDR.  It also helps you mitigate a hard crash from rage if it happens in mid fight and hasten crashes too. 


Other than a few crazy instances like that rage crash doesn't bother this build - conserve power is there if you needed it too.


Hybrid - I get two - Assault radial and melee core and swap them for what I may run across.  I normally run assault though.


Judgement - mighty radial because it looks cool,  and takes a bunch of them off their feet for a few seconds.

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2 hours ago, diefree said:

Thank you again. Think I'll keep focused accuracy since I hate whiffing.

Well you wont whiff with this build with or without FA, FA is on this build for enemies that try to blind you - they don't with this... Ever.

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6 hours ago, Keovar said:

Got any builds with Shield/Mace or Fire/Sword?  

Yes, I don't know how I forgot to post the shield mace build.  Basically the shield, invul, rad, fire, Elec, dark, wp frameworks are all the same - just swap in your secondary of choice and try to keep the sets similar to the secondaries I have in there.


I'll post the build when I get home from work later.


Are you opposed to the psi melee swords?  If you like that the most damaging build I have ever made is Lodestarr a Fire Psi.  


If you want an actual physical sword set I can make you one when I get home also.


Thanks for looking!

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9 hours ago, Keovar said:

I was just thinking broadsword or titan because those can be styled as a flame blade in costume settings.  I’m thinking of making a sort of avenging angel/paladin character.  It should have fire aura defense set, a flaming sword of some sort for offense, and flight for travel.  It’s important that the sword appears and is used in most combat powers.  I don’t know if the psi blade is used in all or just one of the psi melee attacks.  Is it basically inspired by Psylocke?  I’d prefer it looked similar to a broadsword rather than a katana, scimitar, etc.  

Try this.

Tanker (Fiery Aura - Broadsword).mxd

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Hi there, I was curious if you've had any experience and/or success in creating a solid SS/Rad brute at all? I've been experimenting with Mids (very new to it still), and I'm wondering if there is a successful way to hit the res caps while still putting out ample damage?

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12 hours ago, diefree said:

I noticed the invul/ss tanker doesn't have taunt do you find yourself missing it or is tanking fine without it?

Nah, I don't miss it - I quit Tanking with taunt years ago.  It's just a preference, and skill to be able to tank and not need it.


It's still a useful power, especially if you are newer to tanking, but I usually opt for more damage or survivability in its place now because a good aura and aoe in the right hands is all the taunt you need.

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7 hours ago, Mythcreatio said:

Hi there, I was curious if you've had any experience and/or success in creating a solid SS/Rad brute at all? I've been experimenting with Mids (very new to it still), and I'm wondering if there is a successful way to hit the res caps while still putting out ample damage?

Sure, the rad part anyway but I should be able to swap in SS as the primary. 


I'll post something later for you.

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Thanks very much for posting these! I'm just trying a Tanker, and find myself clueless. I made a Dark/Staff, and looking at builds (yours and others) has helped a lot, but I'm still not overly pleased with it.
I was hoping you (or some kind soul) might have a Dark/Staff build, or some guidlines/thoughts for a Tank newb? Pretty please? ;]

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@Infinitum Silly question, But i might be making my first tanker. I was liking your Loestarr build, and people keep telling me that Psi melee is bad? As in, it got overnerfed some time in the past? Im still learning things, but my main concern is 100% PVE, i dont really pvp at all. So is it still good currently or is there some truth to what people have been telling me?


Thanks bunches in advance!

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