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Acid Reina


Acid Reign



Decided I won't find a combination I enjoy as much as the wordplay, so recently deleted the former, while the latter alternate also looks to be available.

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"... And I'd kill to get away; I'd die to make my own way.  And I'd lose to celebrate;  I'd win to see the good days.  And I'll never stop the fighting, so bring to me your worst.

I'll never stop believing that I could rule the world one day ..."

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6 hours ago, Player2 said:





I had to grab this one, it's just too good not to. There's really only one way to go with it from a design standpoint, obvious as it may be. So here's my new Traps defender:





Formerly of Virtue, now on Excelsior:

Ace of Spades (Dual Pistols blaster) Adamant Eve (Invulnerability tanker)Arch-Rival (Archery blaster)Battle Beetle (Claws scrapper) Blackbelt (Martial Arts scrapper) Citizen Arcane (Dark Control dominator) Core (Fire Blast corruptor)Ctrl Alt Defeat (Claws stalker)Daddy Longlegs (Arachnos Soldier) Diamant (Psionic Melee scrapper) Freak Accident (Radiation Melee brute) Galactrix (Energy Blast sentinel) Great White Shark (Savage Melee brute) Highway Star (Kinetics defender) The Howl (Beast Mastery mastermind) Ion Maiden (Radiation Blast sentinel) Knockout Artist (Street Justice brute) Night's Templar (Kinetic Melee stalker) The Pact (Demon Summoning mastermind) Paroled McDonald (Spines brute) Virtual Boy (Illusion Control controller) Volcaniac (Fire Control dominator) White Widow (Arachnos Widow) Yucatan (Nature Affinity defender)

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14 minutes ago, Mjolnerd said:


I had to grab this one, it's just too good not to. There's really only one way to go with it from a design standpoint, obvious as it may be. So here's my new Traps defender:





I went with Gravity/Traps controller...  and she looked like this:


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Some names I just won't be able to get to. Reply here, send me a tell or email @Echo Night if you want em. First come first get. I'll hold onto them until they're taken, then I'll update the list.


Jack Swag                                                                           Motor Hum

Biolence                                                                              Outlaw Assassin

Doctor Space Cape                                                             Rock n Thundra

Asee Dsee                                                                           Silent Deep

Epic Blades                                                                          Thunder Thumbs

Bloody Knuckles                                                                  Star Tears

Circle Back                                                                           Star Cries

Mechanical Fury                                                                  More HumanThan Human

Shock Absorb                                                                      Soul Igniter

Skill Check                                                                           Dane Star

Lethal Heat                                                                          Dreamfolder

Aeon Gold                                                                           Echo Locator

Brocco Li                                                                              Rigor Rags

Fuzzy Trace                                                                          

Lescoe Brandon


Edited by Echo Night
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Looking to get some names on Excelsior.  Moved to Torch to play with RL friends awhile back and they've since abandoned the game, and I'd like to come back to Excelsior with some of my regulars.  I've got names for trade on Excelsior for characters I'm less interested in playing, or if you'd like to move to Torch with the same name there we can arrange that, also.  Also, do me favor and shoot me a private message if you have any of these names and are not interested in parting with them...  will save me time and grief of wondering whether or not I should give up on them.  If you want to make a deal, you can private message me here on the forum or in game as @Player2.



  • Big Girl  (my main, and my primary interest in bringing over to Excelsior)
  • Boobytrap  (I know, I just suggested this and someone grabbed it here a little while back)
  • Espionage
  • White Hot
  • Decider
  • Halloween Girl
  • Hot Spell
  • Kicks
  • Kid Nemesis
  • Lucky 7
  • Midnight Rose
  • Misfortune
  • Pretense
  • Red Hot Hottie
  • Soulsword
  • Thunderblade


  • Battle Babe
  • Blixt
  • Blood Mage
  • Boost
  • Cheesecake
  • Crazed
  • Dragonstorm
  • Glory Hammer
  • Instigator
  • Kings Row Queen
  • Large Lass
  • Legendary
  • Mighty One
  • Naked Fury
  • Omnipotence
  • Peerless
  • Quickener
  • Something Else
  • Threat Level
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